Hajj Qurandazi 2017 Draw Result Date Final Name List Download pdf

During these days Pilgrim made supplications to Allah and everyone know Allah is the most beneficent and the most merciful grant them. Every year unlimited Muslims desire to perform this duty, but Saudi Arabia permits only number of Pilgrim according to resources. That’s why Pakistan also get specific number of quota, now government called application and among theme final name list is come on the base of draw result, for 2017 Hajj Qurandazi will held at specific date after which one can download names in form of pdf. Only selected candidates are finalized as successful one, hence during these days the pilgrim has to spend most of his time in worshiping with full devotion and do supererogatory Tawaaf as much as possible. These little virtues bring the pilgrim more closer to Allah.

In Islam, there is a huge significance and importance of Hajj. Allah (swt) has made promise the pilgrim to remove all his past sins and give him a spiritual rebirth if his all this deeds and actions are pure, true and just for sake of GOD.

The Allah Almighty grants the pilgrim with the biggest reward which is the paradise. Furthermore, on the Day of Judgment, the pilgrim will intercede for four hundred of his family members.


  • Date of Qurandazi in 2017: 28 April

Ultimately, it is the best way to reinforce the religious coordination and communication among the Muslims of the whole world and showing the message to whole world that there is no discrimination all are same. If anyone is prior, he might be in terms of TAQ’WA nothing else. So, it is conclude that Hajj influence everyone’s life in every aspect and sector of social, moral, economic and national life of the Muslims.

Right now if one overview the current circumstances of Muslim community then they are struggle hard. They face many challenges that’s why their condition is going down with passage of every year. Especially now Pakistan is in condition of war, this country is established for only Muslim.

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But we all are passing from a tough time. So requests for all Pilgrims whose name are in final list after draw result in 2017 are pray for their country. Hajj Qurandazi date is not confirm but after its declaration probably it is convenient in pdf for download. This is one your best time of life so never miss any minute in it. This time officials are keen to proceed all system in better way, hope so they get success in their mission.

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