How To Agree a Girl For Kiss in Urdu

If there is a girl you have been longing to kiss her but don’t have any idea that how to make her agree to kiss so do not get worried. We have written this article for all those youngsters who have a wish to kiss a girls but afraid to do that, here we have given you the tips that how to agree a girl for kiss in Urdu . In Pakistan dating and loving has been a trend and every youngster is trying to get in a relationship even he is not at the age of having relationship. I am a boy as well and i can understand the feelings of a boy for a girl, if some one is having a true and positive feeling for a girl he will never think of kissing her but if you are just passing out your time your first step would be a kiss ­čÖé …. So hold your heart because after reading out this post you are going to kiss your girlfriend or friend you’ve always wanted to kiss. Keep reading out this post next to this paragraph we have given you ideas to get a girl agree for kissing you. You can get a better chance to get a kiss from your girlfriend, you do not have need to go out for do this. So have a look under here, some best tips to make a girl kiss you.

How To Agree a Girl For Kiss in Urdu 

ways to kiss a girl

How to Make a Girl Agree for Kiss:

  1. First of all you have to become a friend of a that girls you want to kiss, and be very jolly and crack some jokes to her. You have to be nice and kind to her and put a factor of flirt as well so that she can get to know that you are having some feeling for her.
  2. After sometime just admire her lips and tell her that more importantly and deliberately i get attracted towards your lips in your face, so that she may start imagining that you love her lips and want to kiss her.
  3. After that put your feeling openly in front of her that you’ve started liking her a lot and say her ” Baby you have stolen my Heart Away in these few days”. You these words will hit up on her mind and heart as well. This sentence will make your way easier for kissing her.
  4. Now you have to offer her to go out with you and find a peaceful place where you would not be disturbed by any third person,
  5. Now its is the show time, as we are familiar with the nature of girls that they always want boys to make a first move so a girl will not kiss you first you have to take this step.
  6. Girls don’t want to be sudden about this thing so show her some sign with your eyes that you want to kiss her, for eg, you can look at her lips and then go lean in towards her slightly.
  7. Now look for a signal from her, but it is not important that a girl give you signal. If she hasn’t reacted bad about all this she will not stop you to kiss her.
  8. Now go closer to her and lean in gradually, tilt your head and enjoy this kiss until you want to do it.

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