New Housing Schemes in Lahore on Installments 2015 2016

As population of Lahore grow with every passage of day; residence issues are also goes up. With this majority of new entry in this city has option of rent. But affordability of rent is not easy as one think; so in this case one has option to buy plot at installments. Now new housing schemes in Lahore where one can purchase plots at installments that starts in 2015 and 2016. Basically every society had their own installment plan in which down payment is varied according to society policies. While according to size of plots again installments plan be change. Possession of plots are given right after completion of installments, while in some of cases societies need more time to give possession after the completion of installments.

This is most profitable business for all those who buy plots at start of scheme launching. They get files at low rates and as they get possession they sold it with some good rate. In case if one never waits for the possession then files are also sold out that must gives a reasonable profit.

“New Housing Schemes in Lahore on Installments 2015 2016”


  • Eden Gardens Extension that Starts on Ferozpur Road Lahore
  • Elite Town that launch at Ferozpur Road Lahore Phase 1 and 2
  • P & D Housing Society
  • Pak Arab Housing Society
  • NFC Phase 2
  • IEP Engineers Town Phase 2
  • KEMC Housing Society

On other hand the owner who launches the scheme also gets a handsome profit. As scheme is launch original price is comes with the sold out of files. For buyer investor as well honor this is a profitable investment where there is not any chance of losing. So doesn’t worry in investment if one affords it, just visit the announced location and go early to block it. As time passes all surroundings are now parts of Lahore, so don’t worry because in upcoming days this city spread to all the areas that are now look far from this city.

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