New Balochi Dress Design 2017 For Girls Pics

Its a uniqueness of all provinces of this country that their dresses styles are different from each other. Even they are recognize from their outfit, in fact the traditional Pakistani dresses reflect the heritages of ancient civilizations. The cloths of Balochistan are admired and famous throughout the whole world due to their ethnicity. Balochi clothes show the tradition of this specific province of the country. These regional cultural dresses for girls express the way of living, weather conditions and typical styles and have its own identity among all the regions. Now new design of Balochi Dress are spread in entire country for girls in 2017. The below pics shows that how these outfits are rich with their local culture.

New Style of Balochi Dress Design in 2017

The fascinating cultural dresses of Baluchistan are made with several threads of wonderful colors and glass. Colorful dresses are seems so appealing and bright that everyone wants to wear. Thread work with multiple color make these outfits unique and best. They are not easy to make as they require a lot of time, money, designing and most of all hard work.

Balochi outfits

Currently ladies women of Baluchistan wear silk or cotton Poshak with the matching embroidery also add unique Balochi jewelry on the occasions.

  • Mean while outfits with heavy embroidered borders along with the triangular shaped embroidered pockets are very trendy these days. These are attached with full sleeves.
  • Moreover, the patterns on the triangular pockets are always eye catching and unique.
  • Modern Balochi girls like to wear long colorful frocks without pockets with some match churidar pajama or trouser.


  • With passage of time one can observe a clear change in Balochi dresses. Kurtas with traditional lacework is also coming in the women dress wear.

Balochi outfits

  • A frok whose panels are embroidered are also looking excellent with the trousers or palazzos.

This is not last but number of cultural patterns on the shawls and on the long kurtas with the glass work seems highly trendy. These styles are seems to be spread in all over the world. Local fashion industry plays a major role to shows these kind of outfits at national and international level. Probably these are going more popular in fore coming year.

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