Pakistan Engineering Council Registration Form 2017 Download Procedure Fee

Its mandatory for registration of engineers that they must get the form of Pakistan Engineering Council in 2017, after download fill it with all asking info. Moreover one need to submit a fee and follow procedure and guideline given by PEC. In easy words it is the registration with PEC as a Registered Engineer(RE) or as a Professional Engineer (PE). Through this one also get status to apply for the jobs of any government sector. Those engineers who will not get this registration, they will not be counted as eligible for govt jobs and they will not be allowed to undertake and execute any of the projects and works. Although university helped their students, but one must need to know some basic things. Keep in mind that this is compulsory supporting document for a professional.

Review the details too about the download procedure fee:

Details To Submit The Registration Form in 2017:

  • You have to meet the registration criteria if you want to seek this registration. You have to obtain the prescribed PEC Form-1B form PEC Headquarter or from any of our branch.
  • When you will be get done with filling up this application form and attaching all the required and valid documents that have been given at Page 4 of the Form, then you can submit it at any of the PEC offices.
  • You too have to submit the prescribed fee, you can too post it along with a bank draft, the required amount has to be in the favor of PEC.
  • If you have been posting the form, then you have to get the photocopy of that Engg qualification document that has been verified from the nearest branch office of PEC.


Registration fee structure:

As per the provisions, all the engineers have to be registered right under two categories, either as “Registered Engineers” or as the “Professional Engineers”. Following are the details for this registration and for the renewal fees:

  • Registered Engineer:

Its 250 Rupees for Single (1) Time

450 Rupees is for Three (3) years

Renewal Charges is Rs.150/-

Total will be the amount of 700 rupees.

  • Professional Engineer:

Fee is Five Hundred 500 Rupees- That is for Single Time.

Renewal fee, for life time will charged 500 rupees. It is to make sure that Arrears will be charged at One Hundred and Fifty (150) Rupees per year on the condition if 1 or more years will be elapsed between the date of the graduation and the date of the registration.

When the filled PEC-I Form will be provided by the applicant then it will be verified by PEC’s sources of information, if discrepancies will be found then it will be forwarded from the PE Registration department right to the Enrolment Committee for the approval. When the approval will be made by the Enrolment Committee then the applicant Engineer’s data will be entered in PEC records and then he will be issued a Registration Certificate. This Certificate will be issued only once and it will be permanently retained by the engineer.

Renewal Card will be issued along with that PE Registration Certificate, it will be valid for 3 YEARS, when the expiry of that card will be reached, then you have to renew your registration so that you can obtain a valid renewal card by making a follow up of the Renewal Procedure. So, these are the complete details of Pakistan Engineering Council Registration Form 2017, now you have too known about download procedure fee details. These all info is appropriate to understand.

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