Toyota Fortuner New Model 2018 Price in Pakistan Interior Specs Major Changes

With in few year this vehicle come in list of most demand able automobile. Company of this luxury car is once again launching its latest shape in Pakistan, if you are a lover of cars then we are quite sure that you must also be excited to buy this new model of Toyota Fortuner 2018. On release date everyone is excited due to major changes in its specs from interior to exterior. While its price is also revealed that is fit with respect to its specification. This car comes with some of the amazing and powerful features. This car can give you a power filled and jam packed kind of performance and an exclusive car drive. Its demand raise it cost, but still this is best one in this range.

If we talk about the colors then this can be bought in 3 shades. This car comes with an exclusive metal body that gives it more sparks along with the strength as well as durability.


Moving on to its exterior portion, this comes with bigger and massive one headlight. You will be having a broader kind of front grille in this model. You will notice that this exclusive model has a lot of and much resemblance when we talk about the specs of with the other cars that are available in greater cost then this one.

Exterior Exterior


At the same time, this has a sluggish kind of gearbox. That means you will not be having that speedy kind of automatic version in this car. But it is a powerful vehicle. It has the speed of 1400 rpm this comes with a maximum and excessive kind of pulling power.

Most Attractive One:

Interior Interior

  • Price of Toyota Fortuner 2018 in Pakistan: (Reveal Soon) But its more then 55 Lac


  • It is much lighter in weight. It has the weight of 95 kg. It is very and quite smoother to handle. This car has twin came 2TR-FE engine powers. It is a six seater jeep that is best one to travel.

The below Price is of last model.

total cost

Require Major Changes:

When it comes to the negative of this car then they are few in number. This car comes with a four gear model and for this reason, it cannot well compete with the 5 gear fort endeavor model or with the 6 gear Hyundai Sanat Fe model. Experts are of the view that the makers of this stylish car should be adding more of the gears in this car.

These specs of Toyota Fortuner new model 2018 shows that company introduce its correct price in Pakistan. If you have this much amount of money and you really have this wish to put this stylish car right in your garage then right away take out and buy this lavish car.

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