Effects of War on Terror on Pakistan Economy

WAR means “GOOD-BYE” to peace, and it’s directly highlights the Terror Offer in the society which effects badly on the economy of a country. Reminding me back in 2001 the start of the real WAR the start of destruction of the whole Muslim community, YES! I am talking about the 9/11, thinkers called it the start of a huge war which spread the whole world, but moreover then other countries, most dramatically or most horribly it affects the Pakistan and the economy of Pakistan which directly led to shattered down the mental approach of a layman of a country. The start of drone attacks, terrorism  , bomb blasting , the different search operation on the behalf of terrorist also make a black spot on the economy and the simple life of a person.

Economically the country face real problem with the GDP growth, Reason is clearly that the government starts to spend extra money at armedWar on Terror on Pakistan Economy weapons in a fight- to-win thinking approach with the terrorists. On the other hand, the weekly or monthly basis bombardments not over damage the property of a person but also give them a severe terror, people thinks thousands time to move at a place as they feel terror to be move on, the religious places, the markets, the gathering areas are no more safe in Pakistan, which directly laid down the economy of Pakistan, as visitors can’t move easily to any place.

 To be more precise and accurate the international community say partially “BYE-BYE” to Pakistan, the tourists stop to come in, investors decline to invest on projects, as it also give a huge shock to economy of Pakistan. The need of the time is, that government should take steps to give peace to a person, to give them security and it’s only depends when a round table meeting held with a wise and strategic planning from the members of government without mentioning there parties, but significantly talk being a true Pakistani. Otherwise situation in KPK, Karachi specially will be more damaging and horrible can affect the whole Pakistan with its black Magic.

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