Kankar drama OST / title song On HUM TV

Now HUM TV presents another marvelous story in the form of Kankar drama. So now Kankar drama OST / title song On HUM TV had released. This Kankar drama OST or title song consist of heart touching lyrics that enough to understand the basic Idea of drama. If one sees the basic story of this drama then it will totally revolve around a girl that belongs to middle class family. Her parents search a good life partner for her. During this time period they find a proposal of sikander son of Shaishta. Sikander mother is not an honest lady, she search a wealthy family for his son. But due to influence of his son she will agree for this marriage. After his marriage Kiran fall in love with Sikander even she thinks that his life is not possible without his life partner. But with the passage of time attitude of Sikander become changes and she feel quite worry about this changing. Basically total story revolves around circumstances of husband and wife that are quite true in this society. This drama team tries to cover this whole story in a song that is only Kankar drama OST or title song.

Kankar drama OST / title song On HUM TV

Kankar drama OST / title song On HUM TV

Kankar drama OST / title song On HUM TV is given there…

Kankar drama OST / title song:

  • Composer : Waqar Ali
  • Lyrics : Fatima Najeeb
  • Singer : Alycia Dias
  • Editor : Anwar Patel
  • Director : Aabis Raza

Lyrics of this title song are written by Fatima Najeeb that is really meaningful. While voice of Alycia Dias give this song a new life. Anwar Patel gives responsibility of editor and most important part of song that is composing fulfill by Waqar Ali. It will accept that this song gain popularity. During initial days of its launching it got appreciation from audience and hopefully Kankar drama OST / title song goes to its peak in further days.


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