Terrorism in Pakistan 2017 Essay

This country face terrorism activities from last many year, the essay in below cover its all aspects in Pakistan from past to current scenarios in 2017 that how much it effects the economy and other areas. Terrorism is basically used to make the people frighten by spreading violence. Ones who are spreading the violence are known as terrorist. Everyday millions of people are killed by terrorist. Terrorist are the traitors and harm the country in every brutal way. However, several countries of the world are facing this problem and are struggling to get rid from this but unfortunately it is increasing gradually. Sorry to say Pakistan is also among those countries who are a victim of this threat and sadly it is suffering much more than the rest of the countries. It becomes a nightmare for everyone. At present, in Pakistan different ways of violence exist that cause terrorism like target killing, bomb blasting, hash money usage and many others.

Terrorism in Pakistan is the root cause of all the social evils and there are many factors behind this daunting issue. The leading cause of terrorism is illiteracy because an educated person will never sacrifice his life to kill other worthy souls and uneducated people can easily be convinced to commit an evil act. Like illiteracy, poverty also becomes the main reason terrorism because in Pakistan inflation rate is very high and it becomes difficult for an ordinary man to have the basic needs of the people and in this way a person chooses the wrong company and become a terrorist.

Injustice also breeds terrorism in many ways it can be political and social injustice because the law and order condition of Pakistan is getting worsen and the people are often hurt and offended by prejudice system and they prefer to resort violently in order show their perspective.


Effects: In Pakistan, Terrorism leaves negative impact on socially as well as economically. Millions of people lose their loved ones and the people thinks that in Pakistan life becomes unpredictable and they prefer to go to abroad along with their families and invest there. Furthermore, it destroys the infrastructure and a huge amount of money is spent to fix the loss and also it presents the poor image of Pakistan internationally.

Hence, the international investors feel insecure to invest in Pakistan thus ultimately the economy of Pakistan lowers down. Besides the deaths, injuries, development and security of the Pakistan it affects on politics too. In some cases, it makes the political world more difficult and complex.

Government of Pakistan is taking serious note on this issue. All the armed forces are joined together on one platform to erase the terrorism from Pakistan. Zarb-e-Azab was a good step by Pak Army, they did their best. However being the civilian of Pakistan we should also help people to educate them as education is the primary weapon to erase terrorism from Pakistan.

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