Telenor Internet Packages 2014 Djuice Daily, Monthly Unlimited

Internet is now one of the most important and essential tool of life. In the early ages of internet, the internet was available only on desktop computers connected through the wired network. But as the invention of portable computers the internet becomes the thing which can be accessible by any wireless device through the Wi-Fi connectivity. Now internet is easily available on smart phones and the services are now also being provided by the cellular companies respectively. This is the age of competition , people are continuously up to date in this race, trying to get win from each other , same here all the cellular companies offering different rates for internet , and they try to offer cheap rates in order to catch the customer more efficiently. Through the internet the world now become a global village, you can easily chit chat or can access a particular amount of data at anytime from anywhere from you cell phone or smart phone respectively.

Here are talking about the most leading telecom company Telenor, as we know this particular Company having best internet packages, let’s have a look on them.

Telenor Internet Packages 2014 Djuice Daily, Monthly Unlimited

Telenor Internet Packages

  Activation Price Volume Validity Usage Tracking
Sasta Internet *915# Activation Charges: PKR 1 Usage Charges: PKR 1.5/Mb 1 day  
Time Bundle *919# PKR 5 60 Minutes 1 day *909# @ PKR 0.2+tax
Mini Bundle *345*931# PKR 5 5 MBs 1 day *999# @ PKR 0.2+tax
Daily Bundle *345*932# PKR 12 100 MBs 1 day *999# @ PKR 0.2+tax
3 day Bundle *345*933# PKR 20 500 MBs 3 day *999# @ PKR 0.2+tax
Weekly Bundle *345*934# PKR 40 500 MBs 7 days *999# @ PKR 0.2+tax
Unlimited Bundle *345*935# PKR 250 2.5 GBs 30 days *999# @ PKR 0.2+tax


Double Internet Bundle Offers

  Activation Price Volume MB Expiry
Mini Bundle + Next 1 day *345*931# PKR 5 5 MBs + 5 Free 1 day
Daily Bundle + Next 1 day Free *345*932# PKR 12 100 + 100 Free 1 day
3 Day Bundle + Next 3 days Free *345*933# PKR 20 500 + 500 Free 3 days
Weekly Bundle + Next 7 days Free *345*934# PKR 35 500 + 500 Free 7 days
Monthly Bundle + Next 1 Month Free *345*935# PKR 250 2.5 GBs + 2.5 GBs Free 30 days

Weekly Internet Package

Telenor offer only a single weekly internet bundle for its customer at a rate of 40 for 500Mb. It is also a bearable rate for those who are regular internet customer.

Daily Internet Package

Daily internet packages are 5, 12 and 1 rupee for per 5Mb, 100Mb, and 1.5 Mb respectively. This offer will automatically activate for the next day if you not put it on the unsubscribed mode.

Monthly Internet Package

Monthly Bundle packages having a rate of 250 at a download limit 2.5 GB respectively. People who are regular visitor of internet and having their own business outside the city sides avail this package and do enjoy the services quite respectively.

Internet packages being introduced and launched by the telenor is almost covering every region of the Pakistan. And people are being enjoying the services particularly from the provider.

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