Wi-Tribe Broadband Internet Packages

In this article we will be discussing all about the Wi Tribe broadband internet packages. Wi Tribe has been one of the top famous and known services that has been offering quite huge amount of internet packages for their customers. This service has been just announced yesterday by the Wi Tribe management. This service has been all surrounded with the affordable and reasonable rates that would allow the customers to get connected with the internet world and download and get online with as many websites as you want at the low rates of Rs. 999 per month. Previously, 512 Kbps & 2 Mbps packages, but this time they have one more time returned with the exciting taste of 1 Mbps. This whole thrilling package of internet has been categorized into unlimited, basic and customized packages. The details of all these three packages have been given below:

Wi-Tribe Broadband Internet Packages

Wi-Tribe Broadband Internet Packages 001

  • Unlimited Promotion Package
Speed Volume Price (In Rupees)
512 Kbps Unlimited 999
1 Mbps Unlimited 1,399
2 Mbps Unlimited 1,999


  • Basic Packages:
  Speed Volume Price (In Rupees)
Starter 256 Kbps 8 GB 650
Starter 512 Kbps 8 GB 750
Starter 1 Mbps 8 GB 950
Standard 1 Mbps 15 GB 1,200

  • Customized Packages
Package Details Price
Student Student Hours: 12AM to 6PM
Regular Hours: 6PM to 12 AM
Family Unlimited Round the Clock
Comes with Free Parental Control
Business Business Hours 9AM to 6PM
Regular Hours 6PM to 9AM


  • For the family package the speed of the internet has been fixed with 40GB.
  • For student packages the speed limit has been stuck with 32GB.
  • In view of the business packages the speed will be set as 50GB.
  • These internet policy speeds will be utilized within one whole month.
  • If you are new on the WI Tribe customer list then you have to pay the security rates and activation charges before getting connected with the internet.
  • All these packages will apply the cost of Rs. 50 plus tax in each single month.
  • If the MB limit extends then per MB will cost Rs. 0.10.

Well we hope that all those Wi Tribe customers who are still unaware from some of these packages they will surely get activated with them now and take the pleasure from the constant whole month unlimited internet browsing.


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