Go Nawaz Go Song Lyrics Tune Ringtone

Go Nawaz Go is one of the best slogans in Pakistan and as well as in the world due to which now Song with full Lyrics and one can make them tune or ringtone for mobile. This slogan is too much popular among the people of Pakistan and people that’s live in the any corner of the world. This slogan is becomes after the PTI Dharna which held in Islamabad and every Pakistani says Go Nawaz Go in different kinds of shapes and a lot of people set this slogan as mobile ring tune. The real meal of this song the Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will not be able to rule on Pakistan and where he goes this slogan still back on him. Its just a slogan before few days ago but it’s becomes a song and too much popular after the shadow of Minar- Pakistan where millions of Pakistani supporters are get together for the real change under the leader ship of great leader and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He said, Nawaz Sharif where you go this slogan chasing to you because this slogan become the voice of every Pakistani.

azadi march

Go Nawaz Go Song Lyrics and tunes are updated here soon and you make them as ringtone…

Now a day’s every Pakistani signs this song including children, youngsters, men women if they found environment where they handed flags, wearing hats and different kinds of dresses and dancing on this song or ring tune. Imran Khan started this campaign since 14, Aug, 2014 and initially this campaign electoral reforms but the passage of time and due to mismanagement by the government it’s becomes the campaign in the for form of Go Nawaz gg and in those days this campaign is successfully in the voice of Pakistani and with this lyrics tune and ringtone of Go Nawaz Go

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