PTI Larkana Jalsa Girls Pictures 21 November 2014

PTI Larkana Jalsa is going to be held on 21 November, 2014 at 3:00PM whose girls pictures and coverage in form of photos. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf show the strength of people like previous jalsa where a lot of people participating from different cities in all over the Pakistan. Now this time also participating a thousand of youngsters epically boys and girls in this jalsa to wear different kinds of costumes with flags that also making different kinds of paint color on their faces. This Jalsa held in Larkana and the chairman of PTI Imran Khan will make speech to the audience which contributed in this jalsa and also the whole nation through media channels. He said in pervious jalsa and also in Azadi dahrna the women and girl of Pakistan is wakeup then there will not to stop to progress and to become new Pakistan of the better future of youngsters.

Basically these all jalsa is going to held agitate the election rigging of 11 May, 2013 and due to cause the government of Pakistan existence.

girls photos in pti jalsa

Gujranwala PTI jalsa is the symbol of victory because there are a lot of people participating in this jalsa for the announcement of their leader Imran Khan and in this jalsa Shah Mahmood Qurashi, Sheikh Raheed, Abrar ul Haq and other leaders that are represented to PTI are also speech and making really revolution in all over Pakistan. The leader of this party Imran Khan will be going back after this Jalsa to Azadi Dahrna that’s started in Islamabad where people are waiting for their leader.

Imran Khan is committed he is not go back or finish the Dahrna without the Resignation Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Shareef. PTI Larkana jalsa girls pictures in different kinds of styles. This is first tiem when this political party shows strength in Sindh. Before holding of this gathering many political giants are also participate in this party so its really difficult to say something about the success but it sure that women and girls must participate gathering and among these few PTI Larkana Jalsa Girls Pictures on 21 November 2014 are updated here whose excitement is clear from their faces.

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