PTI Sargodha Jalsa Girls Pictures Imran Khan Speech

PTI Sargodha Jalsa Girls Pictures and Imran Khan Speech that also an important factor to attract girls towards ground. PTI jalsa held in Sargodha after the great achievement of the Multan Jalsa and the people of Multan proves that in this Jalsa they want change and coming in the Jalsa for become new Pakistan. The chairman of Pakistan PTI Imran Khan always appreciated young girls and women in every Jalsa and also said Pakistani young girls are really participating to bring real change in Pakistan. Now this time PTI shoes their political strength in Sargodha and this city is one of the best cities and known to be city of Eagles (Shaheen). There are Thousands and millions of people are participating in other different cities of Pakistan in this Jalsa especially girls are very excited and participating in this Jalsa with passion and aggression. There are so many PTI supporter girls are coming in this jalsa to wearing different kinds of costumes and holding PTI flags and making different shapes of PTI flags on their faces and making full time enjoy of the Sargodha Jalsa.

PTI Sargodha Girl kiss picture

Imran Khan decided he will not come back without brings the real change in all over the Pakistan and he started Jalsa campaign in different and people of Pakistan stand with him for change and they proved in Multan election NA-149. This campaign will be increased day by day and PTI decided to manage all of other Jalsa by their self for avoiding to any incident in Jalsa like Multan. The young girls and women are also participated in Sargodha jalsa with latest slogan GO Nawaz Go and you can see the beautiful PTI supporter girls Pictures and that’s they progress for victory and change. Imran Khan said this nation has been aware from all issues of Pakistan and becomes member of PTI because this is only political party that’s truly bring change in all over the Pakistan especially with the support of women and girls.

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