YouTube Chance to Open in Pakistan,US Court Orders Google to Remove Anti-Islamic Film

YouTube is still block in Pakistan since last 2 years. 2 years ago some people tried to upload some bad cartoons and bad movies relating to our beloved prophet hazart Muhammad (SAW). And this act made Muslim of Pakistan so angry. They made strikes in the whole world and demand Government of Pakistan to block you tube in Pakistan and Government of Pakistan blocked on the people wishes and this is still block since last 2 years.

Now the supreme court of United States of America ordered the officials of the you tube to remove that bad material from the you tube and now there is a chance that that officials of the you tube will remove that bad material from the websites.

If they remove now that bad material from the website then there is no solid reason for Pakistan to keep block the you tube in Pakistan more.

you tube open in pak

So there is a bright chance that the Government of Pakistan will re open the you tube now after removing the bad material.

There is a so demand of you tube in Pakistan because people like to download songs, clips and other entertainments things on you tube. So it will be very good for the officials of the You tube if you tube is open in Pakistan now.

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