During Pregnancy Bleeding Is It Normal in Urdu

Most of the pregnant women have this fear that this during pregnancy bleeding is harmful and risky for their child and is it normal if they bleed detail in Urdu as well English? Here we will let you know that when it is normal to have the bleeding during the pregnancy and when it is harmful to have the bleeding, read the below details:

It Is Common To Have Bleeding During The Pregnancy Time:

When you will be having a slight kind of bleeding during your pregnancy then it is not the reason to worry. It is common that most of the expecting mothers have this vaginal spotting or bleeding in the early times of periods of pregnancy, so they do not have to be worried. It is this research presented at the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine that it is all common if mothers will have this vaginal spotting, It is studied that this spotting occurs in just about 30 percent of women and it all happens in their first trimesters. If the mothers have been calling up their doctors that why they get this bleeding then they do not have to worry now because it is all common! This bleeding in the early period in pregnancy is lighter in flow as compared to a menstrual period; its color also varies from red to brown. Now, you can well estimate these facts that during pregnancy bleeding is common and normal.


Right Now during pregnancy bleeding is it normal in Urdu Tips are not available soon in Urdu Language these reasons and then its solution try to update at this place.

Why This Bleeding Happens?

It happens because of the implantation, when you see that the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterine lining then it causes bleeding, it can also occur before a woman know that she is getting pregnant. Another cause might be the cervical polyp, it is this growth on the cervix which bleeds during pregnancy and it happen because of the higher estrogen levels. Another cause might be the increased in the number of blood vessels around the cervix when sexual intercourse happens then these blood vessels also bleeds. If the bleeding occurs later in the times of the pregnancy then it is a sign of serious condition.

Now, if you have this question that is it normal to bleed during the pregnancy time then we hope that you have received the answer in Urdu as well In English! You have to make sure that whenever the situation get serious then you have to rush to the doctor, bleeding should not be present in an excessive way, otherwise it is risky.

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