Causes Of Poverty In Pakistan

Have we ever thought that why some rich people are not interested to know the main causes of poverty in Pakistan? This is may be due to the fact that they are busy in their own rich world. They are not even bothering to know the condition of Pakistan and its poverty surroundings. Well in this article we would mention some of the main causes that are strongly attacking the poverty of Pakistan.

Causes Of Poverty In Pakistan

Causes Of Poverty In Pakistan 001


Firstly, we are facing such a huge blast of population. The poor families have so many children that finally they find it terrible to feed and grant them with clothes. If the poor people are married at an early age then they should understand that they are not married earlier for giving birth to huge number of children. If they are unemployed then what is the need of arranging such a huge line of children.


One of the main and most imperative causes has been the illiteracy that is becoming one of the main items of the Pakistan. All the urban people are granted with the higher education but we never bother to think that why the small children of villages are not offered with such educational standards. Such illiterate children are forced to carry out the child labor and hence they remained as poor throughout their whole life.


There is no doubt about it that we elect the Government for five years because we have the hope that they will bring new change in Pakistan. But unluckily our country is still standing on the same path of poverty on which it was standing several years back. Our new and even past governments has never carried out any steps and methods for controlling the poverty. Poor person is getting more poor and hence rich are busy in filling their bank accounts in money.

Sometimes it is very sad to see the small children who are all the time begging in the traffic signals. Small innocent smiling faces are just handed over with the bowls in their hands and they are forced to beg from the rich people and this has been just made possible because of the poverty that is sadly getting increase every day. On the whole we would say that we have to stop this poverty crisis otherwise this country will be known as the top poorest country in this whole entire world.

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