Vulgarity in Pakistani Colleges Events on the name of Culture

“Vulgarity” is a word being called by every second person in college or university life. It is a shameful scenario that we have got destroy our values and ethics. Our college and university function does not exhibit any proper and ethical things; they are just providing the vulgar material not only for the students but also playing with the future of Pakistan. A vulgar groomed student will create the vulgar nation for country. Pakistan is the country taken from Hindus for the name of ALLAH and its preachers. But the society in Pakistan now-a-days moving towards is just a holy crap and our nation especially our students are destroying their moral values. The cultural events on the name of Pakistan civilization promotion is just the show of vulgarity in front of all the people gather there. Boys and girls couples dance, there together meetings in open air is just the vulgar thing promoting the show of hell humanity and bad ethical training by their parents to them.

  • I will firstly attack the private colleges where this drama is so open air and too much at its peak. The administration of the colleges in nothing to concern with the studies and ethical behaviour of the students they are just professional people who are earning the money from the students in a huge amount. But at the same time they have the students’ strength that is much strong financial back ground and having a lot of money to be wasted off.Vulgarity in Pakistani Colleges
  • There are many events being organized by the colleges and universities for the entertainment of students but in reality, many times it’s a dance show or it’s a vulgar fashion show by the girls on the gathering of boys where making fun and doing dance all the time. Making the dance videos and photos and then upload them on social website again pollute the environment.

First of all the administration of the university should be very strict in organizing the events like that and then the government have to take step and have to monitor the private universities and colleges on its own behalf to stop this vulgarity and to stop contaminating the society from this disease. Which is continuously growing up and polluting our environment, otherwise in future our generations will suffer a lot and our family system will be destroy more badly.

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