Samzu Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2018

There is no uncertainty about the truth, that Samzu is one of the fascinating water parks located in Karachi. This is packed with lots of amusing and entertaining sections. All age group of individuals is allowed to enter this park. This water park is spread on the huge area, that why at the single time a large number of visitors can be accommodated in it. Furthermore, this park is accompanied by a big zoo attraction, in which you will find a huge collection of animal’s species. Surely, this is the great attraction for kids because here they will get fascinated by the sights of zoo and water pools too. But one need to pay Samzu Water Park Karachi ticket price 2018 to enter in it.

As mentioned earlier that this park is attached to big in a number of amusement areas. Beautiful water pools are there, canteens are there for the purpose of taking refreshment. A special seating area is attached to this Samzu Water Park where you can sit back and all relax. So what else one will expect from that type of place.

In short, it is an excellent refreshing place for people of all ages. That’s the reason that this place is mostly filled during vacation times. Even people outside of the Karachi city also come to spend some precious time at this place.

Samzu Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2018:

  • It’s only 250 Rupees (For a single Person)
  • Kids of the age range in between (3 to 7) year: 150 Rupees

They also offer discounted rates for college trips. But at least group of 80 students is important to avail this offer:

  • Per Student Ticket for Trip: 100 Rupees


  • This park remains open from 8:30 am till 5:00 pm.

the place to visit

Contact No:

0213-4202071 or dial 0332-2235918

This Samzu Water Park Karachi is ranked among the best of all! It is one of the breathtaking picnic places for families.

A place that is better then this one is Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi, but Sunway Lagoon Water Park Gharo Ticket Price 2018 is a bit higher than this one.

Do plan out your tour this place and share your adventure over here. This is a great looking attraction in Karachi city and will amaze and entertain you at every single point. Last important thing to consider is that only families are allowed to enter in this park. So make sure you are along with family.

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