HP Laserjet Printer Price in Pakistan 2018

The printer is one important part of office equipment’s; this is only sourced to take print of a document. For this, everyone looks towards a quality product. An HP Laserjet printer is best option to use. If one covers a short overview of this company then they are famous due to excellence in manufacturing. Their experts are updating with market requirements. Due to this, every of their manufactured device is full of latest features. In past, their printers were quite simple, although their results were better than other devices. All those who are interested to buy this machine can get the idea of HP laserjet printer price in Pakistan 2018 from this place. Although this is not the exact one, yet it’s enough to build an idea about the rates.

Now as laser technology is introduced they launch the new model that gives the best print result. They are now highly demanded in the market, this is the reason that numbers of new models are short in the market. Moving towards the prices then it also varied according to different models. Some of the most successful machines are given as:

HP Laserjet Printer Price in Pakistan 2018


With Jet Intelligence Models

Pro M402n

  • Price: 28000 Rupees


  • Price: 30000 Rupees


  • Price: 30000 Rupees


  • Price: 35000 Rupees


  • Price: 40000 Rupees

Simple Pro Printer

Pro P1102w

  • Price: 17000 Rupees

Pro M201dw

  • Price: 15000 Rupees


  • Price: 23000 Rupees

MFP M127fn

  • Price: 21000 Rupees

Pro M402n

  • Price: 28000 Rupees

Some Old Models that are till hit in Market:

HP CP1215

  • Price: 26500

HP 2055D

  • Price: 33000

HP P1505

  • Price: 20500

The local portal of HP Pakistan has not properly worked. That’s why these rates are collecting from different online sources.

Above two lists are comprised of some latest models, so maybe few of them are not available in Pakistan market. If one is interested in any of the short models then order it online or visit some HP outlet.They must arrange it, secondly, these given models are only for office usage, for big machines open above official link from where one can get a number of options to select any one among them. While these prices are approximate may be on purchasing little difference is available in them.

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