Jazz Facebook and Whatsapp Monthly Package 2019

Surely, social media and Mobile apps have initiated a new concept of communication. That’s why like other networks Mobilink Jazz Facebook and Whatsapp monthly package 2019 has covered different attractive bundles. As per history, this is one the oldest group in Pakistan that provides the best mobile network in the entire country. From last many years to now, they provide excellent packages for their beloved users. The under discussing social media bundles are much important for users because after the introduction of  3G technology peoples are more aware of the internet. Probably, after this, they will get a chance to connect and share the different type of stuff with friends and family members in a more better way.

Jazz Facebook Monthly Package 2019:

  • Through the Jazz Facebook Package 2019 one will use this social media site without paying any money. But for this, its necessary to follow a proper process, whose detail is in below.

Jazz Facebook Free Package Code 2019:

Now all users of Jazz has the option to use the free version of Facebook. Its process is very simple, by the opening of facebook on phone, one will get an option to choose the browse it without paying any charge of data usage. By choosing this free mode, one will use it free of cost.

  • Furthermore, there is not a specific Jazz Facebook free package code 2019. Just follow the above process and get benefit from it.

Jazz Whatsapp Packages 2019:

There is four type of bundle available in the Jazz whatsapp packages 2019. Through this, one will choose a better one according to the usage.

Jazz Whatsapp Monthly Package 2019:

Right now, Jazz Whatsapp Monthly Package 2019 is the best one. The table clearly shows it.

WhatsApp Bundle SMS Bundle Activation code Charges
5000 MB FUP 12000 *101*2*02# 60 Rupees

Jazz Whatsapp Package Weekly 2019:

A string of the Jazz Whatsapp Package Weekly 2019 shows that this is a good bundle for the period of seven days.

WhatsApp Bundle SMS Bundle Activation code Charges
25 MBs 1,500 *101*1*07# 15 Rupees

Jazz Whatsapp Package Daily 2019:

Like others two, Jazz Whatsapp Package Daily 2019 is also a good one. So, one will use it temporarily then this is the best one.

WhatsApp Bundle SMS Bundle Activation code Charges
10 MBs 1,800 *334# 6 Rupees

Jazz Whatsapp Package Unsubscribe:

The code for the Jazz Whatsapp Package Unsubscribe has yet not clear. Probably, soon the company will work on it.

Jazz Facebook and Whatsapp Monthly Package 2019:

This is a combined bundle of the Jazz Facebook and Whatsapp Monthly Package 2019. So, for both type of users, this is a better one. Its validity duration is only for one day.

Facebook & WhatsApp Activation code Charges
200 MB *114*5# 5 Rupees

It’s a reality that now every mobile user is shifting himself from text communication to social media chat. There are several reasons behind this changing trend. But most significantly, through this, they can get a list of chatting features. In the upcoming year, this trend will get more popularity.

a new offer

Unquestionably, this daily offer is not the right choice for mobile users, because they will expect far better than this one. For a permanent social user, this will go costly, that’s why Jazz Facebook and Whatsapp monthly package 2019 is an appropriate option for this network user. It will expect that this company will bring this demanded offer, through which one will get the desired result.

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