How to Open Blocked Sites in Pakistan on Mobile

One is going to open a website and error is come at screen that it is block in not a big issue in Pakistan. This country has not strong telecom roles that’s why ban and then reopen of site is not a big deal. So for all internet users it’s important to knows that how to open blocked sites in Pakistan. These methods are also applicable for all mobile users, because now as smart phone user is growing fast it’s important to take care of them. These are not too much difficult to use just follow them step by step. One must get results from it.

Method 1: Starts form a new web browser that is especially design for this purpose. One download it and then install in Smartphone. After this one can get rid from all blockage issues. This is a permanent solution of this problem.

  • Browser Name: Web Freer

It is built in with all essential features that after this browsing of any website is not remain a big issue.


Method 2: Second best solution is open them through software, one just download them is mobile and as above then install it. These are all also capable to unblock maximum of sites. They are named as:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Download Ultra Surf .zip file Recommended

Basically if one sees their working then they are change the ip of blockage site. After which no problem left in its u blocking.

Method 3: Some time both of these methods are not working. Because some time these software or browser is not compatible to mobile phone operating system. In this situation open these blocked sites through proxy is best option to use. These are Proxy of Software that are used when other methods are not working to unblock. When one open above red alternatives then just names are come in list. Just google these names and enter your blocked link in given space one must get its solution in just few seconds.

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