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    As time passed interest of Pakistani peoples toward study increased. Atmosphere created in Pakistan that the students who got engineering studies have bright future so that’s why every student try to become a engineer .There are several types of engineering studies which universities offered for their students .For example mechanical engg , civil engg ,mechatronic engg, electrical engg .Among these types, the study of  Electrical Engineering is on top .Because job opportunity in electrical engineering is greater than other engineering fields .And also some students have interest in electrical engineering studies so that’s why they doing it. Basically Electrical engineering is a study of designing, different electrical equipments. So due to this standard university focused on designing during their studies.  After intermediate with combination of (Math, physics, chemistry) student is eligible to doing electrical engineering. And the second thing is that at least 60 % marks is necessary for applying in a standard university then a entry test taken and then finally merit list declared. Total credit hour of electrical engineering degree is about 138 and about 43 courses are offered to complete the degree. The CGPA criteria are different for different universities but the instruction of Pakistan engineering council is that 2.00 CGPA is necessary to get the degree.

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    If we described about the courses of electrical engineering then all kind of books covered in this engineering  type .In first four semesters they touch those subjects which are not related with electrical engineering students studies courses of other type of engineering  due to this students got a lot of benefits because with electrical engineer many other types of  engineers  have also worked so it is easy to understand them .After four semesters electrical engineering related courses increased and also lab work started student also complete their mini projects after four semesters .Some courses are four credit hour while few courses are 3 credit hour .In four credit hour courses lab work is necessary but in three credit hour courses lab is not necessary .Then 7th and 8th semester are for specialization .There are three types of specialization in electrical engineering.

    (a)Telecom Engineering

    (b)Electronics Engineering

    (c)Power Engineering

    In first type of specialization the courses related to telecom focused while in Electronics courses related to electronics are focused and in third type of specialization things related to electricity supply has focused .And then a final year project related to your specialization is necessary .This final year project is commonly of four credit hour .Completion of final year project is necessary for every electrical engineering student.

    Electrical engineering career and jobs:

    Career of electrical engineer is too much secure then other type of engineers because in Pakistan a lot of work has to be done on electrical instruments as well as on appliances and for electrical engineer job opportunity in above three specialization is equally available .Another thing is that the basic task of engineer is designing but in Pakistan designing is not done any where only electrical designing takes place somewhere in Pakistan so due to this career will be little bit secure.

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