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How to Become Uber Partner in Lahore Karachi Driver Sign Up Process

Posted by ali sial
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    It’s supposed to part time business, but it’s also convinced that this is full time work to. So it’s up to you that which option will suit on you. This year we have noted that this transportation service provider named Uber is all heating up in Lahore and Karachi. One can join it as partner as well driver to, but for this you need to understand the process that how to become part of these services. For this way to sign up is key to know; and you can do that by getting an Uber-registered taxi. With respect to rates currently they are best, no one can gives to transport in fewer prices from them. Mean while their responding is more than best, one can easily find them at every location.

     Just you have to follow a procedure and need to keep in mind some of the terms and roles.


    • First of all you have to fill up the driver application, for this the all procedure is accessible online at their official portal. But this is possible when you have to make an account regards to full fill all required material.
    • During registration, its necessitate to mention you’re your right name and your functional email address. Afterward you current mobile and right now residential address is also necessary to fill.
    • These registration form are available at official site of Uber, meanwhile one can also get assistance from its official partner rozee.


    Next Process:

    Right after this concerned person will be contact you through email or via your phone number.

    • First they asked about your account and then your additional documents will be justified.
    • After completion of registration the process of the verification process will be started. For this the important documents are your CNIC and driving license.
    • After examining of all their security status, a driver will get an authority to drive their vehicle. For this initially you have to follow the introductory code of conduct, for this they arrange lectures. During this learning session they should give you info about the local routes where you will be driving.

    Now you have become an official partner of UBER! One gets option to Sign Up on your app and accepts the incoming trip requests of yours. This is all how to follow all process, if you have complete documentation then you never need to worry, you can easily opt it for career. Their planning shows that they has bright future, so don’t worry before invest in it.

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