PP 217 by Election Result 2022 Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN

probably an close one

Its an task for election commission that that they compile the PP 217 by election result 2022 correctly from where Zain Qureshi PTI Vs Sheikh Salman Naeem PMLN are tough competitors.  This by election is conduct when PTI decides to submit resign of their all national assembly members. Although speaker of national assembly never accept … Read more

Best Headphones in Pakistan for Gaming

better headphones from it

For the gaming time, Best Headphones in Pakistan are more comfortable to wear with fine sound quality. For sure, everyone wants some refreshment in free time and now game is best option to play. And, it’s background music or sound must make it more enjoyable. If one find it more calm then surely play game … Read more

Best Laptop Skins for Dell Laptops

Laptop Skin pattern

To make laptops more attractive in looks, the best laptop skins for Dell has many of new designs. With the performance, now users also want to make their device more beautiful. For this, now Skin of outer part works really well. Moreover after purchasing, an laptop most important thing is the care of machine because … Read more