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    A bike is a basic need for every second individual but these days, the price of all bikes have raised by all companies. MCB bank facilitates to the Pakistanis people and offers MCB bike installment plan 2024. This is for Honda, Yamaha, and Super Power bikes and these are the good selling motorcycle companies too. Furthermore, the rate of interest is too much low compared to other banks and till 12 month its absolutely at 0%. In addition, the criteria of the MCB Bike installment plan 2024 is easy but before visiting the bank branch one time must read and then go.

    MCB Bike Installment Plan 2024

    Its best to utilize the 12 month MCB bike installment plan 2024 that only has original motorcycle price. Although, plan for up to 36 months are also there and for this price is up but this has monthly lesser installment. So, which one suit and in your afford range is fine for you.

    MCB Honda Bike Installment Plan 2024:

    Right now, all honda bike models that are manufactured in Pakistan are available on installment but the duration of an installment is up to 36 months. Further, the amounts and other stuff is:

    These are the models of Honda bike that is available in the local automobile market.

    Variant Price 3 Month(0%) 6 Month(0%) 12 Month(0%) 18 Month
    CD 70 150,000 Rupees 49,970 24,985 12,495 10,900
    CD 70 Dream 161,000 Rupees 53,635 26,820 13,410 11,700
    Pridor 198,000 Rupees 65,970 32,985 16,495 14,390
    CG 125 223,000 Rupees 74,300 37,150 18,580 16,210
    CG 125 SE 266,000 Rupees 88,640 44,320 22,160 19,340

    This is the approx. installment plan of MCB Honda bikes as well as installments available for 18 months. But one can but for more months too.

    MCB Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 2024:

    • GR 150
    • GD 110S
    • GS 150

    Recently, they closed the Suzuki bike installment plan due to some reason. Many people are interested in the Suzuki bike and want an installment. So, right now Suzuki company offering its behalf bike installment to the customers.

    • Further, in the future, if MCB  bank announces any scheme or offers about Suzuki Bike then we will share it on this page.

    MCB Yamaha Bike Installment Plan 2024:

    • YBR125
    • YB125Z
    • YBR125G

    Once time again, Yamaha Company launched many bike models in Pakistan and people liked them because the outer look, engine specs, and other things are different compared to other bikes.

    Variant Price 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 18 Month
     YB125Z 343,000 Rupees 114,170 57,090 28,550 24,910
    YB125Z-DX 367,000 Rupees 122,175 61,095 30,545 26,650
    YBR125 377,000 Rupees 126,000 62,750 31,380 27,380
    YBR125G 392,000 Rupees 131,000 62,255 32,630 28,470
     YBR125G 395,000 Rupees 132,000 66,800 32,880 28,685


    So, desired one can get advantage from approximate Yamaha bike installment plan because a few days ago MCB bank start it again.

    this is for them too

    Two other brands are also part of MCB Bike installment plan 2024. At this time, just only MCB gives Honda bikes on installment but this is available for those who are credit card holders. Those who have it now can get this offer and take the motorbike on installment without interest or markup rate. Meanwhile, in the future, if they give more offers then will transfer in user knowledge.

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