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Zafran 1 Tola, KG Price in Pakistan 2024

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    Many natural benefits have made this spice so expensive. It’s enough to use in minimum ratio that’s why 1 gram or tola is good for one time purchase. Now, Zafran 1 Tola price in Pakistan 2024 is almost “6,410 Rupees”. But, if seller’s gets it in lower price than they are ready to buy 1kg or more then this quantity. A reason of its high price is the purifying process that is very complex and cause a lot of weight cut too. While production of flower needs a proper temp and atmosphere to prepare till the generation of this spice. But, the needy buyers are ready to pay it at any cost.

    Zafran 1 Tola Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Some of time, Zafran 1 Tola price in Pakistan 2024 may change with the purification of this spice. Though, every of its packing is now for sale on stores but 1 tola is more in demand. According to need, one will buy any of them.

    1 Tola Price of Zafran Approx. 5,800 to 7,200 Rupees
    Zafran 1 Gram Price 560 to 600 Rupees

    Local and country where it grow and then trade is also connected with Zafran price. And region wise, there is minor taste difference too but the original is best in the benefits. Its results are great against many of the serious health diseases without any causing any issue. Its rich in all aspects.

    Zafran 1 KG Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Only experts can manage and afford Zafran 1 KG price in Pakistan 2024. In bulk quantity, its price will reduce a bit that they can get some profit on it small pack sale.

    1 Kg Price of Zafram From 350,000 to 475,000 Rupees

    an good item

    The economical Zafran here is coming from Iran and second locally, it’s an Kashmir product. Apart of these two, other countries price of this product is higher. Maybe, they are finer but cost differences decrease their demand. Again, for kg and Zafran 1 Tola price in Pakistan 2024 is changing with the season. The Quetta and surrounding has also suitable weather for the farming of this plant till the flowers. But, this need some extra resource and care till finalization.

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