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Which Brand Sale on Lawn Summer Collection 2018 in Lahore Karachi Pakistan

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    With the approaching of summer peak season; brand sale on their collection 2018 are on their way! These offers have been taking place in the city of Pakistan including Lahore and Karachi. For all the customers out there, who aim to buy suits at cheap rates they all are anxious to know that what brand offer on the lawn and other stuff according to nature of this season. Majority of the stuff is taking from 1st volume, although designers can take their staff through this offer. But meanwhile, this is an opportunity for all buyers who are ready for shopping.

    In Lahore, we have seen that lawn 2018 collections by brand

    • Ittihad and Ayesha Zara offer off on their items.
    • JJ Junaid Jamshed also offers Up to 50% off. Whose time is going but soon it comes again.
    • Kayseria also offers it for customers.
    • Firdous also reduce their rates on entire stock.

    They have managed to put on sales on their collection lines. On the other hand in Karachi, some major sales on lawn collections have been taking places.


    In the city of Karachi, sale on different brands like that of

    • VS Textile Classic is stepping forward to reduce rates.

    Most of the dresses by this brand are on sale these days. You can get their fabric for the price of 950 Rs. You can get their stitched suit at the price of 1745 Rs.

    • Sale on Banu Lawn is there, you can now get their fabric at the price of 6400 Rs.

    Summer fabric by MTF Applique is also carrying out their sale. Their price has now the price of 1850 Rs and their stitched suit has the price of 3050 Rs.


    • In the city of Karachi, celebration sale is carrying out by Orient textiles. You will be getting flat 35% off on all of their items. These are all of their stitched and UN-stitched items

    With the arrival of this sale, they can buy expensive suits in some affordable price range. This is on all of the latest collection lines. This will allow let each one of us buy these branded suits and outfits too.

    Right now these all are brands which offer the sale on their summer collection 2018 that contain lawn fabric in both major cities of Pakistan include Lahore and Karachi. It’s time to get a benefit because now eid season is also coming on the head, so everyone must desire to buy some new suit. So this is a golden opportunity, one can avail this chance by buying some favorite stuff from it. In the future number of other designers also offer this opportunity; so wait for the next update.

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