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    World Expo 2020 Engineers Jobs 2014 Vacancies in Dubai UAE Apply Online and get whole details of every field specialized engineers like Architect Chemical Civil Design Drafting Electronics Electrical Security Environmental Hardware Industrial Mechanical Geotechnical. There will be many jobs opportunities for engineers in the world. The World Expo is a six month event that takes every five years in different countries each time. These events attract millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibition and cultural event stages by thousands of participations including national, international organizations and business. Now this time World Expo 2020 jobs vacancies 2014 is held in Dubai and UAE. There are many jobs opportunity in Dubai. The aims of World Expo 2020 to boost the UAE economy with an estimated approximately USD 6.9 billion earmarked for infrastructure projects around the event. World Expo 2020 an international organization of Dubai is looking for highly educated, very experience, experts, hardworking, intelligent, well behaved, professionals and well-disciplined stuff of engineers in different fields in the world. We will also see there are many projects starts and that will required so many engineers in different areas of specialization. There are so many qualified engineers available for their projects with the next six years. The UAE Society of Engineers is collaborating with the international organizations and societies and seeking the professional engineers. The economists and analysts believe it will translate into a lot of positive manners and it’s not only best for the cities and also best economy of the Middles East and whole surrounding regions.


    Engineering Jobs Detail:

    Engineering Fields No. of   Vacancies Engineering Fields No. of   Vacancies
    Architect 90+ Geographer 25+
    Chemical Engineer 50+ Geologist 25+
    Civil Engineer 310+ Geotechnical Engineer 45+
    Design Engineer 120+ Hardware Engineer 145+
    Drafting 120+ Industrial Engineer 120+
    Electrical Designer 300+ Mechanical Design Engineer 150+
    Electrical Engineer 300+ Mechanical Engineer 250+
    Electronics Engineer 240+ Operations Research 50+
    Engineering Manager 90+ Other 250+
    Engineering Tech. 50+ Plant Engineer 145+
    Environmental Engr. 45+ Process Engineer 45+
    Facility Engineer 45+ Project Engineer 128+
    Security Engineer 78+ Safety Engineer 130+
    Test Engineer 70+

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    This is a great opportunity for all engineers and its golden chance for all engineers to apply those vacancies and be a part of the international organization and avail the opportunity is working in Dubai to makes your future bright. All those who are interested and meet the criteria must apply online and gets register related to your fields. There will be free online registration. These are great opportunities for all engineers in the world especially they needed for Pakistani engineers. Hopefully these World Expo 2020 Engineers Jobs 2014 Vacancies in Dubai UAE must give opportunity for all fresh graduates as well as for senior ones.

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