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    In current circumstance of Pakistan every person anxious to know about latest happenings, as well politics is also an uncomfortable issue of this country. Now multiple TV channels are working in Pakistan, but among those are rating who has best News Anchor. Although they are highest paid salary person on bases of per month income but there is no doubt that they are heart of respected programs. They broadcast not only political news but also related to other different fields like sports, lifestyles, weather, fashion, entertainment etc. It obvious that news plays a vital role in our life as because of this you can get latest updates within country or around the world within minutes. Beside daily news; TV channels telecast talk shows related to serious political and social issues. In these programs popular analyst, politicians and many other social workers take part of discussion and criticism on different accepts.  So its media responsibility that they broadcast serious issues and real news instead of fake one.

    These platforms give beneficial aspect of students because they broadcast different quiz competitions, debates so on. Businessmen also get information about the latest status of market around the world. Social workers also get beneficial info from this because through this they know about the helpless and needy persons, where they live. In short one can says that now electronic media is most important platform this nation.

    Paid Top Channels:

    A list of popular and most watchable platforms due to their proper broadcasting is here.

    • ARY  
    • Express
    • Aaj
    • Dunya
    • Indus
    • Samaa TV
    • Waqat
    • Geo
    • Jaag
    • Dawn

    Although there highest paid anchor get a handsome amount of per month salary, but they has done a tough job irrespective of any situation. Among them both male and female serve in top TV platform in Pakistan whose detail is in below.

    • Shahid Masood : 40 Lakh
    • Mubashar Lucman: 35 Lakh
    • Kamran Khan: 48 Lakh
    • Waseem Badami: 25 Lakh
    • Talat Hussain 20 Lakh
    • Asma Shirazi : 10 lacks per month
    • Hamid Mir: 38 Lakh
    • Shahzaib Khanzada: 35 Lakh

    Note: The above is not an official list; these are approximate figures that are collected online. So it’s not sure that these are accurate amounts, so really sorry for those who think that this is wrong info, basically respected persons never reveal their salary slip expect Mubashir Lucman. He is one who reveal whole things online, further if one has right idea about them then must make this correction.

    These all are neutral personalities, so its their responsibility that they gives correct fact and figures to their followers beyond any political party affiliation.  There followers has strong believe on them so its their responsibility that they come up with right issues.

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