How to Open HBL Konnect Account? Konnect by HBL Login Charges

Finally, an authentic name in the banking sector of Pakistan is offering a secure branchless banking. Surely we are talking about Konnect by HBL. Through this one will also use the phone number as a bank account, through which you will freely transfer or receive money in all across the country. More importantly, it’s safe and easy to use in a reasonable transaction charge. This article is writing for those who want to know that how to open HBL Konnect Account?  The login process for Konnect by HBL is not too difficult. For this purpose, the company has provided four different options to open an account. So one will choose anyone among that will suit you.

How to Open HBL Konnect Account?  

There are four ways to open this account. Further, the document detail that is required for the Konnect is also mentioning below.

  • By visiting Konnect Franchise
  • HBL Biometric ATMs
  • Konnect Mobile App
  • SMS

Via Konnect Shop How to Open HBL Konnect Account?  

Right now, numbers of Konnect franchises are working in the entire country. One just requires to visit these places along with a valid mobile number and ID Card Copy.

  • After biometric verification, one will receive a successful registration alert from 8425 on the registered mobile number.

With HBL Biometric ATMs How to Open HBL Konnect Account?

For this, one just needs to find a Biometric ATM spot. First of all, select your language on the screen.

  • Then Konnect Account registration option will come to screen. By clicking this, one needs to provide the phone number, ID card detail along with biometric verification.

At end of registration, one will receive a final message for the authentication of account.

Konnect by HBL Login through Mobile App:

Their mobile app is easily accessible on a smartphone. Just download and activate it by following the required registration process. After the completion of registration one will get login detail that will use for later sign up.

(Through SMS) Konnect by HBL Login?

This is the easiest way to open the account. One only needs to follow a given message string and then send it to 8425.

The string that is necessary to follow.


Konnect by HBL Charges for Transaction:

This is the table 1 of that comprised of the charges for the transferring of money:

Table 1:

the charges list

Table 2:

the list of charges

 HBL Konnect Charges:

Table 3:

the charges

The above table shows that now how its cheap to send money. Apart from money transaction, now HBL Konnect also offered to pay the utility bill, home remittance, donation or the Zakat payment. Furthermore, they will provide a handsome limit too. 

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