Faisal Movers Ticket Price List 2022 Online Booking Number

A number of transportations companies are working across the country but Faisal movers ticket price list 2022 is really attractive and also the Faisal Movers online booking option allows the passenger to reserve their seats from home or else you can also contact on their booking number to secure yourself your seat. Passengers are traveling for different purposes and prefer those types of buses that are giving a peaceful environment. Simultaneously, many of transport companies are offering different packages but after traveling on them, most of the time people feel unsatisfied.

If people want to get an outclass environment so Faisal mover is offering very reasonable prices. As well as, some local companies have enrolled in transport but they could not provide facilities that are providing this brand to the customers. Then people select them because after availing tickets he will travel with enjoyment.

Faisal Movers Ticket Price List 2022:

  • One will easily understand that Faisal movers ticket price list 2022 has according to area wise because sometimes people go to the nearest city then fares are different as compare to other cities.

Faisal Movers Ticket Price from Lahore to Other Cities:

This brand is managing grand traveling operations from Lahore to other cities. That’s why there is a lot of flexibility in the Faisal Movers Ticket Price from Lahore to Other Cities. And there are different categories, from which you can choose according to affordability and class.

City Hi-Roof Executive Business Class
Lahore to SARGODHA 660 660 790
Lahore to FAISALABAD 640 640 740
Lahore to ISLAMABAD N/A 1250 1650
Lahore to MUREE N/A 1650 N/A
Lahore to PESHAWAR N/A 1490 1900
Lahore to MUZAFARGARH N/A 1240 1480
Lahore to MULTAN 850 1220 1440
Lahore to DUNYAPUR N/A 1190 1540
Lahore to JAHANIAN N/A 1140 1490
Lahore to DG KHAN N/A 1340 1690
Lahore to MIANCHANU 740 N/A N/A
Lahore to SAHIWAL 510 N/A N/A
Lahore to OKARA 390 N/A N/A
Lahore to ALIPUR 1240 1440 N/A
Lahore to BAHAWALPUR N/A 1290 1690
Lahore to SUKKUR N/A 2240 3150
Lahore to HYDERABAD N/A 3540 4540
Lahore to KARACHI N/A 3740 4740
Lahore to UCH SHARIF 1340 1340 N/A
Lahore to TAUNSA N/A 1360 N/A
Lahore to KOTADU N/A 1240 N/A
Lahore to KHANPUR N/A 1620 1990
Lahore to RAHIM YAR KHAN N/A 1720 2140
Lahore to SADIQABAD N/A 1720 2140
Lahore to VEHARI 840 840 N/A
Lahore to MAILSI 890 N/A N/A
Lahore to HASILPUR N/A N/A N/A
Lahore to CHICHAWATNI 590 640 N/A
Lahore to KAMALIA 590 590 N/A
Lahore to KALAM N/A 2190 3240
Lahore to SWAT N/A 1590 1990
Lahore to NARAN N/A 2940 3390
Lahore to HUNZA N/A 3890 4390
Lahore to RAJANPUR N/A 1490 1840
Lahore to JAMPUR N/A 1390 1740
Lahore to KHANEWAL 890 1040 1290

Faisal Movers Ticket Price from Multan to Other Cities:

Every day thousands of people go out the Multan to other cities for different purposes through Faisal movers. So, their ticket rates of Faisal Movers from Multan to Other Cities are also categorized as:

Multan to ISLAMABAD 1540 1680 1980
Multan to FAISALABAD 890 890 N/A
Multan to CHICHAWATNI 370 N/A N/A
Multan to DG KHAN 320 N/A N/A
Multan to MIANCHANNU 370 N/A N/A
Multan to SAHIWAL 510 N/A N/A
Multan to BAHAWALPUR 320 N/A N/A
Multan to RAHIM YAR KHAN 890 890 N/A
Multan to SADIQABAD 940 940 N/A
Multan to SUKKUR N/A 1740 2240
Multan to HYDERABAD N/A 2390 3210
Multan to KARACHI N/A 2490 3440

Faisal Movers Ticket Price from Islamabad to Other Cities:

Yes, after using services of Faisal movers from Islamabad to other cities people feel satisfaction. So, to knows the Faisal Movers Ticket Price from Islamabad to Other Cities, a detailed table will surely help u to check their charges.

Islamabad to SAHIWAL 1290 1440 N/A
Islamabad to BAHAWALPUR N/A 1890 2340

All cities are clearly mentioned in a table and you can see they are touch all the cities.

Most importantly, people are facing some issues at the time of booking because if you want to travel with Faisal movers then ticket booking is necessary before 1 day of travel. Faisal movers ticket price list 2022 booking number is mention below the table with complete booking information and numbers.

This company has launched new services to the small cities as well because, in past, the Faisal movers travel point was available just in big cities of Pakistan but now they have introduced mini busses and HI roof coasters giving travel facilities in small cities of Pakistan.

Faisal Movers Online Booking:

For the facilitation of the respected customer, the Faisal Movers online booking option helped the travelers a lot. Now one can easily book tickets online at home. On the other hand, the official website for online ticket booking available 24 hours as well as some specific number is given.

Just book your Seat now.

Or Contact.

UAN 111-22-44-88

Faisal Movers Booking Number:

Moreover, Faisal Movers Booking Number is functioning for many years, that people can concern about ticket stations. Every day many buses have gone from Lahore to other cities on a large scale. All locations and addresses of Faisal mover Lahore terminal also given.

Faisal Movers Booking Number Lahore:
  • A comprehensive address and also the Faisal Movers Booking Number Lahore is covered in the table. You can easily call on their number to gather the entire info.
Address # 1. Band Road Lahore, Pakistan
Address # 2. Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
Address # 3. Kalma Chowk Lahore

The contact number of Kalma chowk terminal.

Faisal Movers Booking Number Multan:

Three points of Faisal mover Multan available where people can buy easily ticket and if they want to reserve a seat then he selects an online booking method.

Address # 1. Main Terminal near Vehari Chowk
Address # 2. Caltex Point: Near Daewoo Express Workshop Qaddafi Chowk Multan
Address # 3. CSD Plaza Multan Cantonment

U.A.N. number is given for Multan passenger for ticket reservation and booking.

UAN: 061-111-22-44-88
Faisal Movers Booking Number Rawalpindi:

Two-point has introduced by Faisal movers in Rawalpindi for the facilitation of passenger and now people can easily avail of the opportunities through online booking who are provided by Faisal movers and could enjoy services.

Address # 1. Main Faizabad Chowk Rawalpindi
Address # 2. New Coach Peer Wadhai Rawalpindi
Faisal Movers Booking Number Islamabad:

After launching these stations, this company has launched Faisal movers online booking in Islamabad with the latest Japanese buses and other small vehicles as compared to another competitor.

Address # 1.  26 Peshawar Road Islamabad
Address # 2. Karachi Company G-9 Islamabad

Also contact number available for booking and seat reservation.

UAN #  051-111-22-44-88
Mob #  0311-2212222
Faisal Movers Booking Number Peshawar:

After all other cities of Pakistan now Faisal movers online ticket booking option is given for customers that are traveling across the country for business purposes and for a trip.

Address # 1. Al Madina Coach Terminal, G.T Road Peshawar

Contact No.

UAN # 091-111-22-44-88
Faisal Movers Booking Number Sahiwal:

After the Address and location of Faisal movers point, online booking has open in Sahiwal and giving the information to the customers. A complete team of Faisal movers is a guide to the passenger.

Address # 1. Sea Rose Hotel, Lahore Road, Sahiwal
Contact # 040-4502960

Mob #    0311-7119999

Faisal Movers Booking Number Bahawalpur:

Most of the people are going to Karachi and other cities of Pakistan from Bahawalpur then after see the all situation company decided about Faisal movers online booking through the portal or call in Bahawalpur for the counsel of the users.

Addresses and contact are providing by the company below the table.

Contact#: 062-2888358

UAN#.  062-111-22-44-88

Faisal Movers Ticket

All booking and departure stations are mentions in these tables that are located in different cities of Pakistan and if people want to more verify the fears then they can concern the following number. Business-class buses are outstanding services to the customer and provide different things to eat during traveling. No, any company come in the market that is content with Faisal movers. After traveling people feel satisfaction.

Recently their cargo services for different cities are also offered. A large number of people are doing online business and deliver multiple things in different cities. So this company decided about those customers and they are delivered parcel and other cargo things within 24 hours in Pakistan. All cargo operations are operating through buses. But the essential thing for these who want to travel is Faisal movers ticket price list 2022 and also the other feature that is known as Faisal movers online booking. Hopefully, you will enjoy your next ride on this bus.

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