New 2018 Model Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan Mileage Per Liter

Surely this kind of elegant look gives a new life line to motorcycle. If one compares this new 2018 model of Honda Pridor with other trendy bikes, then this is entirely unique one in Pakistan. While its price and per liter mileage is also awesome. For sure this change is enough to attract customers. Undoubtedly from last few years, riders demand a unique overlook. This time company takes this criticism in right way and tries to make all changes that must attract one towards itself.  At start its also assume that this is not fit for the kind of roads in Pakistan, but its last year performance build hope that this will attract young age riders. This time it will come with more amazing graphics.

Colors: In this model company has done all experiments on its body graphics and body shape. No doubt this work clearly shown from its stylish look from front to back. This year only Black and White colors are available, hope so next time they must work on its new colors.

  • Launch Date: In January 2018


Price:  The next important inquiry its cost, as mentioned above that this one is launch among two existing models of Honda. So its price is also lies between them.

  • 87,000 Rupees

Technical Specs

These are just amazing:

feature new

Mileage Per Liter:  Lastly its most attractive feature that they put in it to make it more preferable on other option is its petrol average. Its given as:

  • Round About Sixty (60) Kilometer Per Liter

According to speed and spec of its engine this is good one.


advance one

In short if one combine these all things in one vehicle then its must makes its perfect one. This king of bike is necessity of rider because after using same graphic and performance they are going bore. This must gives a new look, further this is begging of new year so its not possible to predict about its success. But no doubt this is one different bike in market. If one is aimed to buy bike then must compare it with other model then take the decision. This is beginning of this new year, upcoming months will clear that riders like it or this is flop addition between two most successful bikes of same company.

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