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Dr Khurram Mushir Skin Whitening Cream Tips in Urdu

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    Dr Khurram Mushir Skin Whitening Cream Tips in Urdu are easy to understand and one can prepare it at home. The skin is the major and sensitive part of our body so we should to take care it. When we went outside we must use sun screen our face because the sun rays are effective of our skin and its rays also cause skin cancer so you must avoid these rays and protect your skin as well as you want. Every human in this world wants to be fair color complexion because the face beauty enhance our personality. Many products are sale in market to fair the color complexion but remember all these products have a side effect. We enhance use of herbal way to glow our skin and must avoid the cheap product which sales in market. The homemade whitening method which introduced by Dr.khurram is best if you really want to glow your skin without any side effect.

    Tips for skin whitening:

    • Wash your face with face massage it and wash it.
    • First of all clean the skin with the good quality cleanser and massage it with politely hands on your face, do it twice a day.
    • Apply apricot scrub it will be clean your spores and your skin look like fresh, and clean it with the help of sponge,
    • If you have a black heads on your face so don’t clean the scrub using steamer to remove your black heads.
    • Use black head removers applicator or clean your black heads.
    • Use a good skin toner for toning your skin.
    • Take a cucumber and massage it on your face with politely hands.
    • Use mask of cucumber cream and don’t rub it or clean it after 5-10 minutes remove it with the help of water.
    • In last apply mud mask it is the best mask which help to glow to your skin.


    Making mask:

    • Take a dry mud mask add it eggs or some milk, mixed it or apply it after removing it apply rose water with the help of cotton apply on your face and leave it.
    • Take a cucumber, potato and also tomato mashed it each other and apply it on your face this mixture will give you a great change and also help to enhance your beauty.

    With the help of these steps you see freshness on your face and looks also charming so must follow Tips of Dr Khurram Mushir Skin Whitening Cream in Urdu and make it and take benefit from it.

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