Zong 4G Internet Packages 2015 Price Speed Limit

After getting 4G services by Zong in Pakistan now Zong 4G Internet Packages 2015 Price Speed Limit are now announced. This will cover daily weekly monthly internet packages; further speed of and usage limit will depend in bandwidth. Different bandwidth offers different internet speed and downloading limit. This is one achievement of Zong that they get this license and after this customers of other network switch to Zong. Especially all those that want to use internet and their related persons are live abroad they must switch their network. Because after this one can call on internet with clear voice, although it also effects on voice quality but peoples that set call to other country they prefer to this network. Downloading speed and width is also increase that will must useful for all regular internet users. Till total details of Price Speed Limit usage of Zong 4G Internet Packages 2015 is not announce and all Zong customer use previous internet packages. As these details are announced by Zong officially it will must update here on this page.

zong internet packages

Recently working Zong internet bundles:

Daily Unlimited Package:

Initial Subscription Charges:  Rs. 10

Daily Charges:  Rs. 10/day

To Activation: Dial *906# to activate

Weekly Unlimited Package:

Initial Subscription Charges:  Rs. 10

Weekly Charges:   Rs. 35/week

To Activation: Dial *910# to activate OR SMS “ESUB weekly” to 909.

Monthly Internet Packages:

This monthly internet packages are further divides into three packages that are given as blow.

  • Monthly Package Truly Unlimited

Initial Subscription Charges:  NONE

Monthly Charges:  Rs. 999

  • Monthly Package 2GB

To Activate: Dial *908# to activate OR SMS “SUB 2GB” to 905.

Initial Subscription Charges: NONE

Monthly Charges: Rs. 200

  • 4GB Monthly GPRS Package

Charges: Rs 400.

To Activate: SMS “SUB UNLIMITED” to 905.

For details send SMS 4GB

Nokia 4G Supportive Mobile Phones

Free trial of Zong 4g is now starting and in few big cities of Pakistan customer can enjoy this trial service. All Zong sims that enter in this range automatically switch to 4g services. So it’s not need to do anything for old sim for using 4g service. Company had done lot of work to start 4g services in whole over the Pakistan. But it’s not an easy task and for this they must change their number of equipment that provide signals. But they work hard and upcoming day all Zong customers can enjoy these 4g service. As they launch these services then whole things are clear about Price Speed Limit Zong 4G Internet Packages 2015.

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