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    No one can deny from this fact that the man cannot achieve any success without putting an effort. Therefore, everyone should work hard and should have complete faith on Allah’s blessings. If you did your best and have full confidence on Allah, than Allah will never let your efforts and faith down and will give you success. This is a essay as well speech of Mehnat Ki Azmat or Barkat in English, this is not in Urdu but its written well.

    There is no one in the world that gets achievements in his way by just hoping or by just relying on luck. To get success, one should have a passionate mind and have a sound body. In addition, right attitude, self-discipline, will power and motivation is also needed and a person should keep his priorities and needs aside and always put goal first if he really wants to achieve success.

    Success is not a bed of roses, there are number of obstacles and hurdles in the path of success, however if a man has ability to keep striving than he can achieve goal. Those who gave up after several attempts lose their confidence level so keep trying until you earn your desired result.


    All the great people in this universe are not great by birth; it is because of their efforts and skills. Let’s take an example of Thomas Edison, the founder of light bulb. After approximately 10,000 attempts he was able to lighten up the bulb, it is just because of determination and hard work that he made his name. Success is measured by efforts and hard work and also by how many times you face failures in obtaining the goal. Thus, from gaining good grades in school to obtaining a job, a person has to make endless efforts.

    The citizens of the country also play an important role in the progress of the country. If the citizens are highly passionate and hard working than the country will surely reaches to the sky in terms of development and progress.

    And if a person does nothing and stays at home and desires for having a remarkable job, then he is the most foolish man of the world. He will only get job, if he himself start finding the job. To earn your goals, you have to work hard and that the lack of hard work will only wreck your goals and leave a negative impact on other people.

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