Ufone Introduces Dabangg Hour Offer

Ufone introduces Dabangg Hour Offer for their customers. Ufone has always been much identified and hugely famous for its exciting and interesting offers and this time as well they have again arrived with such a tempting and fun loving service for their users. As we have seen that almost all the networks serve their customers with the offers that are separate for free calls, messages and internet and they often sometimes find it troublesome to avail the offer separately for every single category. But this time Ufone has inward with such an offer that allows the Ufone customers to get connected with the calls, messages and internet accessibility just through one offer of “Dabangg Hour Offer”. This has been one of the lowest three in one offer rated service that has been offered by any network and according to the report the network is assure from the truth that this offer will great titanic convenience and comfort zone to the users.

Ufone Introduces Dabangg Hour Offer


  • Free Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited GPRS


  • All the patrons has to make the choice of their favorite hour for using Dabangg hour offer and after they are require to send a message at *222#.
  • This offer can be activated at any hour of the whole day but make sure one thing that after one hour is over this offer will also get finished.


  • Per hour cost of this offer has been Rs. 3.99 plus tax.


  • This offer has been just accessible for Ufone Youth patrons.
  • This offer can be activated just through the message at required number as *222#.
  • All the calls that are made from Ufone will not be including the special numbers or the numbers of other network.
  • This service will just be limited for one hour means 60 minutes and after 60 minutes this offer will get finished and if the person kept on using this service then he or she will be charged. So done forget to get confirm with your own personal calling or messaging hour.

Well on the whole we would say that this was all for the Dabangg Hour Offer. We are sure that all such people who have discover this offer as much fascinating and enjoyable they will surely get it activated without any delay.

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