Suzuki Bolan 2019 Model Price in Pakistan

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    For cargo purpose, about majority peoples of this country are well aware from the name of Suzuki Bolan. In this writing, we will give all the opinions about the specification and price of Suzuki Bolan 2019 Model Price in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Suzuki has been one of the topmost leading and finest brands in Pakistan that are wholeheartedly involved in serving the nation with the comfortable bikes and vehicles. There highlighted automobiles have always grabbed the attention of the people and forces them to draw their attention to the cars and bikes.

    Let’s begin with the


    • Suzuki Bolan 2019 has been switched with the form of a van that has been equipped with the four different models named as Suzuki Bolan VX, VX CNG, Bolan VXR, and Suzuki Bolan VXR CNG.

    This vehicle has been highlighted in three diverse dark shades such as solid white, silky silver and pearl red.

    • It has been filled with such a strong engine that has been covered with the less cost of fuel and even less maintenance of the system as well.

    The vehicle has also been covered with the air conditioner facility as well so that they can maintain the temperature of the car and make it come across as lavishing.

    • Furthermore, almost 8 people can easily get settled in the vehicle as the seating clothes have been charged with the finest fabric materials.

    In addition, this car has been much used by the transport companies because of the comfortable and large spacing quality.


    Suzuki Bolan 2019 Model Price in Pakistan:

    840,000/ Rupees

    As we mentioned earlier this vehicle has been showcased in different models. Following is the price heights of all such four models.

    These are the previous rates of these vehicles.

    • Suzuki Bolan VX is of Rs. 764,000
    • Suzuki Bolan VX CNG is Rs. 653,000.
    • Suzuki Bolan VXR is Rs.
    • Suzuki Bolan VXR CNG is of Rs.

    Ever since its entrance into the market, this vehicle has received huge positive responses and appreciation from the people because they have fallen in love with the designing and style of the van. On the whole of the discussion, we would surely say all the people that no matter what rate of Suzuki Bolan has been kept as pricey and costly as compared to all other previous Suzuki models but we are sure that once you will get connected with the vehicle you will love to drive it all the time. So don’t wait anymore and get enriched with this vehicle now.

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