Imtiaz Super Market Price List 2024 Karachi Faisalabad

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    To buy a wide range of items at a discount rate, Imtiaz Super Market price list 2024 for both Karachi and Faisalabad is the best option to utilize. In the last couple of months, a tariff of almost every daily use item is continuously rising up. So in this situation, peoples are looking for a place where they shop groceries, kitchen products, and different electronic appliances at some reasonable cost. Secondly, this store makes sure the best quality and originality of their items is very imp for a buyer. Especially, this type of satisfaction is necessary for all who prefer online shopping. Furthermore, by the time they increase their product line, which will surely facilitate all those who plan a visit there.

    Imtiaz Super Market Price List 2024:

    • The recent Imtiaz Super Market price list 2024 is not regularly updating online. So surely, from this list one will get all info of the purchasing items at home and also easily compare to the market value of this product.

    Imtiaz Super Market Karachi Price List 2024:

    After checking out the Imtiaz Super Market Karachi price list 2024, surely one will surprise how economical they are. So just look at the Rate List and decide the item that you will plan to buy.

    Location: About 10 branches of this store is currently functioning in Karachi. But the major one is in Prestige Trade Center.

    Imtiaz Super Market Meat Price List 2024:

    As one of the common home used item, about every family is looking for the store where neat and quality meat is for sale on market competitive price. And, Imtiaz Super Market must offer a good rate with better standards.

    • Call: 021-111-468-429 to get fresh rates because its change on daily bases.

    Imtiaz Super Market Electronics Price List 2024:

    In the sale days, the electronics items at the Imtiaz Super Market were going cheap. While, in normal days, they also not offered the high rates then market. And, the assurity of original products is also plus point there.

    • For price, visit their social media page or call on their number.

    Imtiaz Super Market Faisalabad Price List 2024:

    Like their store branch of the biggest city of Pakistan, the Imtiaz Super Market Faisalabad price list also covers a huge product that is the same or lesser in price than the market rate.

    Location: It’s situated in Misaq ul Mall Faisalabad.

    The rates for both of their branches are about the same.

    Imtiaz Super Market Grocery Price List 2024:

    Many of daily products that is need of every house are different grocery items. Therefore, the price and grade of Imtiaz super market grocery is admirable. Again, visit the store for rates confirmation.

    the chart of rate

    Surely, by seeing these rate lists, the people of other cities are also demanding to open a branch of Imtiaz Super Market in their city or area. Hopefully, in the coming years, they will spread their chain to other big cities of this country. Because, first of all, they are trying to control the users of two cities and then probably they will go to the other cities.

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