Online Property Tax Calculator in Punjab

Property tax is necessary to pay with in time according to the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Every person who has some property weather it is in the form of commercial or in the form of agriculture land. So with different amount of property there is different %age of tax. When people give tax then faced so many difficulties. They used to visit offices of department of tax. Its become so many problems for aged people as well.

So Punjab Govt which is headed by chief minister of Punjab mian shahbaz shareef is going to introduce a new technology based calculator which can calculate the amount of tax easily. This invention of calculator is so far helpful for those people who really facing so many problem when want to pay tax.

tax calculator

So in this way most of people will give tax and the trend of giving tax will increase.

In this way our economy will increase and Pakistan will progress because if we look around the world we will come to know that the countries which are developed countries. They are developed countries because of high rate of paying tax. People in those countries used to pay property tax on time. There are no one who is defaulter in those countries.

So it’s a good step taken by the Punjab govt and it should be appreciated. Other provinces of Pakistan should also follow this service for their people as well

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In this way Pakistan will become a progressive country. And in this way more peoplw will give tax on time. This is a new technology invention because before this no one take this step in this area.

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