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Vitiligo Treatment in Pakistan in Urdu at Home

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    A skin disease always depresses the patient because it directly effects on the appearance of body. Among number of skin diseases Vitiligo is one that shows its effects on all skin that starts from face and lying down to till feet. After this disease white patches are start to appear at few parts of body skin; these white patches are then spread on entire body and later on itching is also starts on these patches. All the effected patients that live in Pakistan they can want to know Vitiligo treatment in Urdu at Home. Starts from the intro of this disease with the cause and then treatment are combining below.

    This disease is starts to arise when cells that work for skin color stop working at number of places. The places where they stop work spots come clear at these places. Some time these spots are also appear on eyebrows.


    “A Natural Treatment”

    • Take shower two times in a single day.
    • Sit in front of sun for ten minutes in a whole day
    • It’s also necessary that one eat six hundred gram cucumber three times in a whole day.
    • Try to avoid all Chili meal.
    • Also don’t use soft drink.
    • Take a tablet of Ginkgo Biloba daily.
    • Then make a oil by mixing two hundred and fifty gram in Mustard oil and use it two time at affected areas.

    In order to get best result it’s necessary that one repeat this whole process for a year. Try it at home hopefully one must get positive result after this practicing for a year.

    • Till now doctors are failed to find the cause of this disease, right now they called it as Automine disease that arise when inner anti disease system starts working against few skin cells.
    • Some doctors also said that a special kind of proteins is produce in body that starts working against normal skin cells that stops their working.
    • Majority of Hypothydoidism patients are suffer from this disease that is easily transferred from one generation to another.

    For the patients that feel that they suffer from this disease they got to doctor and tell him for BIOPSY test. This result must give you a enough information about this disease.

    Treatment Options:

    • Steroid Therapy
    • Photo Cemo Therapy

    Vitiligo Treatment:

    One best advice for all patients that suffer from this disease that they go to skin specialist; he must gives one best treatment advice. But make sure that one must go to nearest doctor who better decides for better treatment. Stage of this disease is also important before starting of treatment.

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