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    If one study and evaluate the growing rate of Zong then it is positively leading from the front. In a little while, they understand the need of their user. Now, once again they revised the code of their Zong daily internet package 2024 that is for one day 24 Hours. After this, a wide range of volume has offered on affordable rates. This is the first time, that a network facilitates their daily internet users with multiple types of options. Undoubtedly, this Connection brings the best platform where you can get the best internet speed to get in touch with Casual friends, business emails and urgent personal alerts at any time. The activation process of these bundles is not difficult, just read out the entire post.

    Zong Daily Internet Package 2024 Code:

    From the four, choose any of Zong daily internet package code and start the browsing that you are avoiding because of the unavailability of net bundle. The hours for these packets are then different. So, must take care about them and use a require code from them.

    • Basic
    • Data Max
    • Daytime offer
    • Youth Offer

    Let’s move to the detail of these net bundle. And we will begin it from the

    Zong One Day Internet Package:(Basic 1)

    The basic of the one day internet package is for those who are not the regular net users. So, for them this is a good option to utilize.

    Bundle Volume How long they will Active? Code Price
    100 MB One Day *6464# 18
    • The second one is:

    Zong 24 Hours Internet Package: (Daily Data Max)

    This one is appropriate who want a greater volume of net for 24 Hours. Yes, this is recommended for them, as it has good bundle.

    Bundle Activation Period Code Rate
    500 MB and also 500 MB for Youtube browsing 24 Hours *6464# 40

    How to Subscribe Zong Daily Internet Packages 2024?

    There are two different way to activate these bundles.

    1: The first one is the online process that will possible on Zong official site. As per instructions, you need to enter your phone number in front of the desired net bundle.

    2: Secondly one will also subscribe any of the bundle via code.


    • The *6464# is the code to get the activation menu of these bundles. After getting the menu, it’s your choice that which one will need to activate.

    Zong Daily Internet Package 1200 mb code:

    Other then these, there are more zong internet bundle for the daily usage but their duration is not for 24 hours. And their activation code is also different. And these are:

    Bundle How long it will Applicable? Code Rate
    1200 MB From the 4 am to 7 pm *47# 17

    Zong Student Internet Package Daily 1am to 9am:

    The name of this bundle was also previously known as Daily night internet package by Zong that is from 1am to 9am. But, now they change the name and its details are:

    Volume Validity Duration Code Rate
    2.5 GB Begin from 1 am to till 9 am Type “gno” and send to 6464 17

    for the internet

    Imp Questions and their Answer:

    • How to check the remaining data of the Bundle?

    For this purpose, *102# is the code.

    How to unsubscribe Zong Daily Internet Package?

    The first process is of unsubscribe Zong daily Basic Internet Package:

    • Start from *6464#; then choose 1 to know about overall internet bundles; after this choose 1 for daily or one day bundles; following this the option is 1 for daily basic one; at end choose 1 for the subscription and 2 to unsubscribe the existing one.

    Unsubscribe Zong daily Max Internet Package:

    • Same as the basic process till choosing the bundle and then at end with the unsubscribe option one will deactivate it.

    To Unsubscribe the Daytime Bundle the way is to type “unsub dto” and forward it to 6464:

    If one uses the entire bundle before the validity lime, then 1 rupee per MB will charge from your account. Just for the purpose of info, now the default rate of per MB internet is 4 Rupees. So, before browsing, must choose any of bundle among them. We tries hard to combine the unsubscribe and also the subscription code of zong daily internet package that proceed or activate it for user and also hopeful that after there is no need to going anywhere else as well.

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