Total Polio Cases in Pakistan 2017 Current Situation

This disease the loss of the ability to move the parts of the body thus the affected person will not able to make any movements properly. It is considered as the viral disease as it is transmitted easily from one person to another person. It violates the immune system of the so that the person remains unaware of this infection due to which a person can’t fight against this. In rare cases it also affects the central nervous system. Unfortunately, Pakistan is still one of those countries which are still suffering from this infection. Every day new Polio case is discovered here thus everyone should aware of this and must take precautionary measures.  Its current situation in 2017 that how many total polio cases come this year is inquire here. If it hits then it paralyses the neurons system thus consequently makes the joints weak and paralysis.

Different type of polio virus affects the different body parts. If it is diagnosed at a very early then the treatment of this disease is possible and if remain un diagnosed then it may paralyze any part of the body.

How it is transmitted? From research it is observed that it can easily transmitted from person to person through the contaminated environment. It can readily enter into the body through the nose or mouth, physical contact and by using used clothes. Poor sewerage system is also considered as the major cause of its transmission among human being in this country. So, it is kind of silent disease as people are not aware of this and often ignore this and don’t visit doctors for treatment.

Current Situation that is clear in Table:


Symptoms In most of the cases this viral infection doesn’t show any symptoms but in very rare cases symptoms are very ordinary. The symptoms of this viral infection are cough, flue, fever, headache, sore throat, sweats and body aches.

If one generally reviews the current situation of polio in Pakistan then during 2017 total numbers of cases are going minimum. At one it’s a time for satisfaction. Mean while it’s also time to worry that till we are facing this problem, but till it is not completely ended up because of our inner weakness. Our government is now hopeful to take out from these kind of circumstances, for this they work on different sectors.

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