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    A healthy outing is must for every kid to make them more healthy and active. Yes, people from Lahore were missing this type of location where their children enjoy jumping or create fun.  But, now just pay the Emporium Mall bounce ticket price 2024 or choose the fun factory and enjoy in the play area.  Both of these playgrounds are equipped with latest stuff and management also makes sure the safety of visitors. While they bring different and unique environment, that is possibly first time in this city.

    Emporium Mall Bounce Ticket Price 2024:

    Yet, two different tickets are offered for the Emporium Mall Bounce in 2024. One is for the more limited time and numbers of jumps are also limited in this ticket. While, the time for second option is more than double from the previous option and all jumps type are included in it.

    Only specific Bounces are its part
    600 Rupees
    Allowed Timing This is for 45  Minutes only

       Note: After spending the allocated time, the visitor has not option to extend it for some more time. In case yours time is ended up, then you must require to buy a new ticket. So, don’t complaint with anyone in this regard.

    All Bounces
    800 Rupees
    Time Frame It’s for 2 Hours

    Till last update, they have not option to increase time in previous ticket or with some additional charges they allowed you again. A separate ticket will apply on it.

    • Timings: Open at 11 O’clock in the morning and close on 11 of Night.
    • On weekend: Open time same but close at 12 that means it extend for 1 hour too.

    Emporium Mall Fun Factory Ticket Price:

     Name shows that this place is the fun factory for Kids in Emporium Mall whose ticket price is dividing into the packages. Further, there is good discount on the groups of child entry.

    • Only Fun Card Price: 500 Rupees
    • Basic Card Price: 100 Rupees

    One of their famous packages is dedicated to Party. And its again divide into three different attractive package whose rates are varied with the features. Furthermore, their charges are:

    Deal 1 of Fun Factory that is Basic One
    1000 Rupees Recharges Required You got, 100 Bonus from it
    Deal 2 Required Recharge: 2000 Rupees For this, 500 Bonus
    Deal 3 On 3000 Recharge It will give you 900 Bonus
    • 4: In 4000 Rupees Recharge, the bonus is 1200.
    • 5: In 5000 Rupees Recharges, the 1500 is awarded bonus

    Number is: 0341-4403000(To get any additional guidance)

    for the charges of it

    The next entertaining name is:

    Play Area Ticket:

    Few visitors mix up the name of fun factory with the play area. Basically, name of these spots are different and in real this is the same area where child also play their favorite games. Moreover, Emporium Mall Bounce ticket price 2024 is entirely different from fun factory or play area. And their theme is also completely separate too.

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