Walls Ice Cream Pakistan Price List 2021

Walls is consistently provide delicious ice cream and people like them. After a certain time, they change their rates, so Walls Ice Cream Pakistan price list 2021 is always remain in web query. Basically, they are giving product related ice cream across the world and people know it as a brand. For last time, they reconsidered the new prices of all the ice creams. Furthermore, the ice cream of various tastes are offered in different quantities like half-liter, liter, 5 liters, and 10 liters. Because most of the people require the ice cream in large quantity on different occasion like a wedding. So then they give the 10-liter packing. Further, reviews the:

Walls Ice Cream Pakistan Price List 2021

  • The latest price of the walls ice cream exists and people can check the price of all flavors like Mango, Vanilla, Qulfa, Cornetto, and some others. So if you are going to market and buy ice cream then firstly you can gather the prices of all the varieties.

Walls Ice Cream Half Liter Price in Pakistan

Firstly, we will discuss the Walls Ice cream half liter price in Pakistan because many people buy this ice for children in different flavors. Sometimes shop keeper takes the amount high as compared to the company’s price. So now officially company give the rate list on daily basis to the shop keeper and told that customers can check this price list.

Half Liter Ice Cream Price Between 150 to 160 rupees and its weight is 450 ML

1 Liter Walls Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

After they launched the half-liter packing then they introduced the 1-liter ice cream packing and people can easily carry it for whole family members. The price of 1-liter ice cream now exists between 200 to 250 but maybe they will increase in the future.

Almond Crunch Creamy Delights Flavor 335 Rupees
Caramel Vanilla With Chocolate Chips flavor with Caramel Crunch 270 Rupees
Charming Chocolate Flavor 240 Rupees
Cheeky Chaunsa Mango Flavor 240 Rupees
Classic Vanilla Creamy Delights  Same
Creamy Delights Cookies And Cream 270 Rupees
King Kulfa and Pista Creamy Delights Tub Flavor 310 Rupees
King Kulfa with Real Pistachios and Almonds Flavor 270 Rupees
Pista Whit Real Pista Creamy Delights Flavor Same
  • Note: The weight of tis  packet is 800 Ml that consider a litre.

Wall’s Ice Cream 4.5 Liter Price in Pakistan:

New packing 4.5 liter now exists on this page and people can check the price. Most important this packing is not available in every packing while exists in limited flavors. On the other hand, you can take this packing in multiple flavors if you give the special order.

4.5 Liter Ice Cream Price PKR. 1050 Rupees

Walls Ice Cream 10 Liter Price in Pakistan

  • This packing is especially for different occasions like weddings and birthdays but the price is not existing online but you can get it from outlets. As well call at (0333 0235043) and representative will provide all info about it.

the price of this ice cream

Many of the brads are giving different types of ice cream but quality and quantity are very matter. People prefer this brand that gives both things. So wall ice cream is giving both of the things and people like them. While, other brands have increased the prices but the walls brand is giving the ice cream an old rate. All the guidance about walls ice cream Pakistan price list 2021 is elaborated there.

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