HBL Car Loan 2017 Scheme Finance Markup Rate Calculator

This bank has come up with their most friendly car loan services. With its help, you can get the vehicle of your dreams. It’s obvious about this prominent financial institution that their customer is first preference for them. Once again in 2017 HBL declare a amiable scheme for car loan, through this finance program one can get all basic info include markup or interest rate in easy way. Mean while its installment plan or calculator is also appropriate to use. You can get a (new, used as well imported) car by using this service line. You will get a handsome 7 years of time frame to repay your amount. For the used cars, the time frame is reduced to 5 years. You will get secured and protected insurance services too.

Which documents are Required?

For Salary Class Customers:

  • They have to submit the copy of their identity card. The submission of TWO passport size pictures is a must. They should attach their original salary and income slip. For them only 3 months bank statement is require.
  • For them a minimum TWENTY THOUSAND salary is require.

For Self Employed Customers:

  • For the business professionals, the photocopy of their identity card is required. Other documents are their passport size pictures and proof of their business. For them again bank statement of three month is require.
  • They also need to show profit of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND rupees.

These are the main features and documents requirement, eligibility information to be the part of this HBL car loan scheme. If you do not have your own conveyance and you find it difficult to travel and move from one place to another place then this bank HBL is giving you the chance to get your own personal car. Apply through the proper channel and way and get your desired car right away.

To check Official Info

This is one of the appropriate place to knows about the markup rate and finance calculator of HBL Car Loan, especially in this 2017 year scheme.



With the help of phone banking, you can further get the information about this subjected service. Through this, you can completely track the record and data of your repayment and loan accounts. Surely its not a easy task to pay full amount, so now this worry is flying over because you has an alternate option.

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