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    To reduce the headache the Telenor call And SMS block code is enough for you through which one can block any of the unwanted call or sms message from the number. Yes, if you block any caller ID then any kind of call and sms from that ID will not approach you. A tone is played to that caller every time when he/she tries to call you. Now it is also in your hand that whether you want to change that tone to a busy tone or any kind of ringing tone. Of course, this is a wonderful offer by the Telenor for its customers that they can block a certain numbers from which they don’t want to receive any call and SMS. This is now a basic need of every second or third user.

    Telenor Call Block Code:

    To start this service, Telenor Call Block Code is used that is consist of very simple string *420# Send ‘SUB’ to 420. After this pattern you will further processed to use this excellent service.

    • Time span of this service: The duration of this service is now reduced to 7 days.
    • Charges: 9 Rupees

    Lets move on the next that how to

    Telenor Incoming Call Block Code:

    Once you will activate this type of service, few more Telenor Incoming Call Block Code are also nominated. Through them, you will add any of the incoming call number into the black list. Its process is:

    Text Code To add a telenor number in Black list Charges
    Type “B” in text Message Forward it to “420” 2.4 Rupees(On every add of number)

    For Outgoing Call:

    A specific of outgoing call block service of telenor is not operating. Basically, many of users mix it up with white list that is a entirely unique item. According to this, one will allow few of number that will call you. All other numbers that are not in the white list will not able to call you. The process to add a number in this type of list is easy.

    Message  For Add Number in White List Price
    “W” is the Text digit Forward it to “420” 2.4 Rupees(On every add of number)

    How to Block Unwanted Calls on Telenor?

    • Firstly you have to send SMS, write in your write message option “SUB” and send it to 420
    • After a few hours or minutes when you get registered for the service then you got a confirmation SMS.
    • Then send the number whom you want to block to 420 and the number will blocked permanently.

    Telenor Number Block Karne ka Tarika:

    • Any of the user can block Calls from any number using a simple code 420.
    • The number who black listed from our side cannot make any call, Missed Calls or any SMS to your number.
    • White listing a number will only allows calls from that specific number.
    • You cannot choose one service at a time because these two both services will be activated at the same time.
    • This service is available for both the customers prepaid and postpaid.

    Telenor SMS Block Code:

    Both of the call and sms block service are offered in a combine bundle so that is why comes at a fixed weekly charges. Those all number who are blocked for the calling purpose are also automatically blocked for the SMS too.

    to block a number in Telenor

    Answers of Imp Questions:

    How to Check Telenor Block List?

    To check the Telenor block a proper number is also allocate that is “BL“. By sending it to 420, the entire block list number will views. And this is absolutely free of cost.

    How to Block Unknown/Unwanted Number on Telenor?

    With the help of white list one will block the Unknown or unwanted number on telenor. Because the only added number in white list will able to call you. The all other unknown are blocked automatically.

    This allocated Telenor call and SMS block code will easy your life. Because through them everything is in your hand that what you want to allow or block. But carefully add the number as an mistake in it will may stop your important number too.

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