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    A large number of applicants apply for each job every day. In a country like Pakistan, where the unemployment rate is whooping 5.70% excluding the ones who are working on inferior positions and continuously applying for other jobs with hopes to get better for them. The examples and process to write the cover letter for teaching job application in Pakistan are important for the completion of this document. A little effort is the only way to make one stand out among the exceeding pool of applications. Cover Letter is similar to a conventional business letter, which is attached with a resume to strengthen the job application.

    Cover Letter for Teaching Job in Pakistan:

    A cover letter normally follows the following steps:

    • Bio-data of applicant
    • Bio-data of employer
    • Subject
    • Salutation
    • Body
    • Conclusion

    Bio-data of the applicant came fist and includes name, address, phone number, e-mail address alongside date. That portion can be written on the top center or top right of the cover letter.

    • Below the bio-data of the applicant, there came bio-data of the employer, which is written on the left side of the letter. This includes his/her name, designation and company name with address.

    Then came the Subject, which is to highlight the main purpose of the letter. It includes the phrase stating “applying for the position of (job title)”.

    • Salutation is also an important feature of a cover letter. Dear Sir or Respected Sir would make an appropriate salutation but any formal salutation may be used.

    The body of the letter is the elephant in the room. It should be brief, grammatically correct and simple in expression. One must not stray away from the main issue and start the body straight with the source of information which got one to the position in question. Then came the brief of the educational qualifications and skills, which makes one relevant to the position. Further, one must add the motivation, future aspects, and goals to achieve from the position and company, with all necessary reasoning and justifications. Then write the reasons to quit the previous job by contrasting it with the job applying for. One can finish the body now with Thanks and high hopes of an early interview call.

    best for job

    The cover letter ends with a Conclusion which includes a phrase like ‘yours affectionately’ etc. followed by applicant’s name and signature. That is all about the Cover Letter for teaching job application in Pakistan. Hopefully, after this one will easily complete this paper.

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