How to Register PTCL Complaint from Mobile through SMS

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    Most of the times, each one of us do come across this issue when our PTCL is creating trouble for us. If you have a landline number, or one is working regularly at internet at your place, some time troubles are creating that gives you tough time. At that time its need to understand that what you should be doing? You should right away be registering your complaint. You really do not have to go to the office if one knows that from mobile through sms how to register complaint online for all users.

    How to Register PTCL Complaint from Mobile?

    For the quick and proper solution of complaints, they initiate a new customer management system. Under this, multiple ways of communication are provided to get out from major problem, so one can follow any of them that one felt easy among them.

    First Method: One just need to TYPE: HELP and then forward it to number 05 1218 1218. Within period of time company correspondent reply.

    Register PTCL Complaint through SMS:

    This also a easy way to submit problem, this also contains a really simple method. This is quite lengthy process but quite explained.

    • You should be enter these three digits on phone “CMP

    Then just write out the landline number along with your area code.

    • After this, you have to type your product code.

    Then moving forward this specific info to this a mentioned number”05 1218 1218“.

    • Then in the end, you will be getting your complaint registration number.


    Why Company has taken this initiative?

    Through this system they can better streamline the process of their customer’s site. Remember that Customer will always be the king; they will be the one who gives profit and revenues to your business, so they should not be left out in the middle of the road.

    This is the reason they has now been trying to first listen to the complaints of their customers and solving them as soon as possible. Now company persons are all here to bring smile on your face so that you can do your work without facing any trouble.

    Now you know how to register online complaint in PTCL from mobile through SMS. If at any time, their services creates trouble for you then you just have to type HELP and your complaint will be registered or one can also follows second method that is also easy one to follow.

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