Islamabad Medical and Dental College IMDC Fee Structure 2024 for MBBS BDS BSN

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    There are so many medical colleges and universities in Pakistan and if we talking about the best ones then we can not forget the Islamabad medical and dental college and it’s fee structure 2024 is manually designed for MBBS BDS and BSN. As a best and top class college, their are many of expenses that cause high fee. Yes, they have not compromised on any of aspect and every of their program is solid by practical and theoretical point of view. That’s why, despite of such huge tuition and other annual charges, their is handsome competition seen on every of the admission. So, its a decent place for those who can afford it.

    Islamabad Medical and Dental College Fee Structure 2024:

    • Number of total programs taught by this place is Five (5). And the Islamabad medical and dental college fee structure 2024 is unique for all of them. So, don’t think that the one is same like the other. The very first one is:

    IMDC MBBS Fee Structure 2024:

    A resemblance in between MBBS fee structure of Islamabad Medical and Dental College in 2024 is obviously unique like other criteria. While, an elaborated table of this structure is:

    First Year Second Third Fourth Fifth
    IMDC Fee Structure for MBBS 2024 12,40,000 Rupees 12,50,000 Rupees 13,74,000 Rupees 15,22,000 Rupees 16,62,000 Rupees

    “Note: A change is expect is in the imdc fee structure that’s why plz wait a bit for clarification”

    Candidates who are also serious for the admission can get registered themselves. This college is teaching the students by following the international and latest medical methods. They have a very professional and well trained faculty which teach the students friendly ways and provides the education for students as per high standard.

    Islamabad Medical and Dental College BDS Fee Structure 2024:

    This is a most preferable course for all those who failed to be part of above one. So, like the demand, its fee also came at the second number and has less duration too. Yeah, it is:

    1st Year 2nd 3rd 4th
    IMDC BDS Fee Structure 2024 11 Lac and 87 Thousand Rupees 11 Lac and 96 Thousand 13 Lac and 16 Thousand 14 Lac and 47 Thousand

    Team of this college is trying to improve their studies criteria and disciplines and now they are able to stand on a point where they has capabilities to face any other medical institute.

    Islamabad Medical and Dental College BSN Fee Structure 2024:

    A rare number of universities has not continued the BSN in their program list. But, the Islamabad Medical and Dental College has carried it on to post level which shows that how much grip they have on it.

    At time of admission, the total dues are: Next Tuition Fee is:
    IMDC BSN Fee Structure 2024 1 Lac and 53 Thousand Rupees 78 Thousand Rupees

    fee for tuition

    Hence, all who are dedicated themselves for medical line, and they have enough cash to pay for Islamabad Medical and Dental College fee structure 2024, they must consider it seriously. Hopefully, they will get it return shortly and also fee a difference of studies level too.

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